Drones Target Road Offenders in Spain

14 FEB - Drones have detected ten offences after monitoring 530 vehicles for a weekend, Spain's road police force, Guardia Civil, announced.

Guardia Civil DronDrones are ever more frequently used by Spanish road enforcement. PHOTO: GUARDIA CIVILThe operation was carried out on different sections of N-432 and N-IV roads in the province of Cordoba in the autonomous community of Andalusia.

Traffic Offences in Finland up Despite Empty Roads


10 FEB - Traffic offences rose dramatically in 2020, Finland's National Police Board statistics show.

Finland1Cases of driving while intoxicated increased by 10%.                     PHOTO: SOUTHWESTERN FINLAND POLICE DEPARTMENTA total of 131,247 violations were registered, an increase by about 20 per cent compared to the previous year. The numbers are exceptional since traffic volumes declined significantly due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Police Smashes Huge Illegal Street Racing Event

11 FEB - A huge illegal racing gathering was knocked down by road police units in Plovdiv, media in Bulgaria reported.

GonkaThe Police was called to the scene by residents outraged by the noise. PHOTO: MVR.BGThe party of more than 100 drivers, snow drift enthusiasts, street racing devotees and just spectators had amassed at a shopping center parking in town.

Extra Road Cameras Installed in EU Due to Brexit


8 FEB - Extra surveillance cameras are being installed on the continent due to Brexit, ROADPOL media found out.

The fact is one of many concerning road safety and road transport in the European Union after the Brexit deal signing at end of 2020. Its provisional entry into force has already brought its first effects on the work of Road Police forces especially in border countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium.

Brexit555The Netherlands are the first to feel the effects of Brexit through their ANPR system. PHOTO: POLITIE.NL

“The effects of Brexit on Road Transport and Road Safety in the Netherlands are barely visible on the roads as of now”, says Paul Broer, national project leader on road and traffic policing with the Netherlands Police and his country's representative at ROADPOL Council. Still a number of precautionary measures has been taken.

App Alerts Pedestrians When Street Crossing


3 FEB 2021 - A mobile application notifies users when approaching pedestrian crossing, Poland's Katowice Provincial Police Headquarters press service reported.

App in PolandLots of pedestrian crossing fatalities are due to distraction from phone use. PHOTO: POLICIJA.PL

The app called Stop-fon targets pedestrian distraction when using smartphone around traffic. It was invented by students and teachers of School Complex No. 6 in the town of Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Silesian Voivodeship. Stop-fon runs in background and freezes smartphone screen if it finds it lit around a pedestrian crossing. User is then immediately targeted by a display alert saying „Look Around and Live”. Device will additionally sound and vibrate. Stop-fon is activated by a sensor in the „Pedestrian Crossing” road sign.