ROADPOL and Michelin to Cooperate

On A Revolutionary Airless Tire


UPTIS 1Michelin's UPTIS concept is allegedly fully puncture- and blowout-proof. PHOTOS: MICHELIN14 JUL - ROADPOL and its long-established partner Michelin will collaborate on the development and real-life testing of a revolutionary airless tire.

The new technology is branded UPTIS for Unique Puncture-proof TIre System.

ROAPDOL And Securetec Join Hands Against Stoned Driving

Drug Offences Catching Up With Alcohol Ones


SecuretecAccording to Securetec drugged driving has soared during the pandemic. PHOTO: SECURETEC14 JUL - Drugged driving is proliferating fast and is quickly closing in on alcohol-related offences, latest ROADPOL pan-European Alcohol and Drugs Operation results show.

300 Vacation Vehicles Checked

During A Safe Holiday Event


Brandenburg Check33 police officers took part in the inspection. PHOTO: POLICE BRANDENBURG13 JUL - 300 vacation vehicles were checked for a day of inspections by Brandenburg Police as part of ROADPOL's pan-European Safe Holiday operation.

Carried out on a sunny Saturday in June it involved forces from the police departments in Ostprignitz-Ruppin, Prignitz and Oberhavel with 33 officers charged with the inspections.


Calibrating Police Speedometers


RSSWith analog speedometers increasingly obsolete police forces are looking for solutions. PHOTO: RSS13 JUL - The Road Safety Support (RSS), staunch ROADPOL partner and supporter of ROADPOL Safety Days campaign, has come to the aid of police with calibrating patrol cars digital speedometers.

This was achieved by the unique RSS International Speed Test Laboratory, which has so far calibrated no less than 30 digital speedometers for a number of police forces.

Vehicles To Be Weighed During

Safe Holiday Operation


Gendarmerie Y Guradia CivilJoint actions are considered to be most effective. PHOTO:GENDARMERIE.FR

14 JUN - Vehicle weighing will be аmong the features of 2021 ROADPOL Safe Holiday Operation.

This opportunity will be made available by Luxembourg police, who are also planning a common campaign with the national automobile club (ACL) to inform the people how to travel safe this season and especially how to secure their homes to prevent burglaries while gone on vacation. Within the frame of the “Great Region” police forces in Germany, France and Luxembourg will organize a joint common day (10th of July) during which specific traffic checks will be made in view of the holiday season.