ROADPOL Presented At International

Seminar on Road Safety In Brasil


Leandro BrasilCommander Leandro Fuentes Martin (right) with Colonel Carlos Alejandro Cortes Olave of Carabineros de Chile (middle) and Colonel Paulo Miguel dos Santos Goncalves of the National Republican Guard of Portugal.27 JUNE - ROADPOL was among the organizations presented at a recent International Seminar on Road Safety In Brasil.

The seminar was staged by the Federal Highway Police - PRF of Brazil on June 22-23 in the capital city of Brasília.


The seminar had the main objective of enhancing cooperation and integration between Road Safety agencies from different countries as providers of greater synergy through the exchange of good practices, ensuring greater perception of the particularities related to the theme. The event featured national and international speakers who shared their views on the procedures related to road safety adopted by agencies and entities, specifically those aimed at preventing accidents and reducing violence in traffic.


The aim of the seminar among all was promoting international cooperation in Public Safety hence the PRF set out to invite an international authority with experience in the topic of the "UN Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030" for a presentation at the seminar. The chosen police professional was ROADPOL Council member, Commander-Major Leandro Fuentes Martín of Guardia Civil, the Spanish law enforcement authority in charge of road safety.

Leandro BrasiliaCommander Fuentes also presented a ROADPOL corporate video to the audience in Brasilia.Presentation

In his presentation named “Where are we coming from and where are we at?” besides shedding light on Guardia Civil’s road safety strategy up to year 2030, Commander Fuentes gave a full overview of ROADPOL’s vision, mission and operations. Fuentes highlighted ROADPOL as means of enhancing road safety in Europe and a platform to exchange ideas, methodology, policies and techniques between member police forces in order to raise their game against road safety challenges. ROADPOL’s synchronized enforcement operations as well as its online courses, seminars, master classes were also presented by Commander Fuentes. At the end of his presentation he clearly recommended the attendees that in order to deepen regional cooperation, road police forces in South America need to establish an organization of the kind.



During his participation in the event, the Director General of the PRF, Inspector Silvinei Vasques, highlighted the significance of the seminar for the promotion of integration between institutions, in addition to expanding partnerships in training actions and joint operations as a way of seeking a solution for the various road safety challenges. The International Seminar is in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) campaign for the reduction of traffic accidents and deaths, whose goal is to prevent at least 50% of traffic deaths and injuries by 2030, and follows the same route as the Strategic Map of the Federal Highway Police.