ROADPOL Forces Aiding

A Large Anti-Drug Operation


Gendarmerie1 NAMALENAPHOTO: FRENCH GENDARMERIE18 OCT - Several drug traffickers were arrested during a large cross-border police operation facilitated by ROADPOL member police forces.

The police of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France organized the grand action against drug trafficking and the so called drug tourism.

Czech Police Alerting On Senior Road Users


Elderly                                 Elderly road users account to 40% of all pedestrians killed in Czech Republic. PHOTO: SENIORS WITHOUT CRASHES

16 OCT - Czech police took part in an awareness-raising campaign to remember the World Day of Senior Citizens, October 1st.

Together with the VIZE 0 Platform and the organizers of the “Seniors Without Crashes” project, they reminded the public of the vulnerability of seniors in road traffic.

All-Female Management Taking The Lead At ROADPOL

Elvira Zsinkai, Federica Deledda And Sanja Veic Elected

New President, Vice President And General Secretary

Sanja Elvira Federica Malka                                                               From left: Veic, Zinkai and Deledda upon their accession. PHOTO: STEFAN VALUSEK15 OCT - An all-female management team is taking the reigns at the European Roads Policing Network.

The news came at the latest Autumn Annual ROADPOL Council meeting, held in Madrid, Spain, in the end of September.

Speed Violations Surge In Belgium


roadpol 2          Number of checked vehicles dropped due to massive remote work after a recent railway strike. PHOTO: POLITIE.BE15 OCT – Speed violations increase in number and severity in Belgium, results of latest Federal Police operation show.

On October 5-6 the 17th edition of the national Speed Marathon took place at 556 locations across the country.

ROADPOL Members Enlightened

On Swedish Vision Zero Approach


288189339 433684188897969 3036846803612069910 n             The VisionZero course was held especally for ROADPOL members. PHOTO: ROADPOL MEDIA15 OCT - A Vision Zero introduction course was held during the latest ROADPOL Autumn Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain.

The course was led by ROADPOL Swedish Police representatives and Swedish Transport Administration (STA) experts. It was hosted by meeting organizers of Spain’s Guardia Civil.