ROADPOL Reaching Out A Hand For

Road Safety in South-Eastern Europe


4000 3000 max3323malkaPHOTO: POLICE.HU13 JUNE - ROADPOL and the Italian National Committee of the World Road Association (PIARC) join hands to help consolidate and improve the road safety expertise of traffic police and road operators in Southeast Europe.

For this a webinar by the title of “Improvement opportunities and perspectives for road safety on the South-Eastern Europe” is to take place on June 21 from 08:30 to 13:30 CET.


The webinar was inspired by Italian PIARC Technical Committee Chair Roberto Arditi, Road Safety Director of Sina SpA., ASTM Group. The event is targeting both traffic police officers and road infrastructure operators to identify critical issues and possible joint solutions with the goal of increasing overall traffic safety in Europe. Case studies and best practices will be presented and discussed. The webinar is planned to be attended by, among others, MIMS representatives and some of the most relevant national and international industry players in road safety.


Among the speakers will be ROADPOL General Secretary Heinz-Albert Stumpen, who will present ROADPOL's vision on road safety. The European Roads Policing Network will be represented by also Cristian Andries of Romanian Traffic Police and Elvira Zsinkai of Hungarian Traffic Police who will talk of their respective police forces best practices and future perspectives. The event will be moderated by ROADPOL President of Honor Paolo Cestra of Italian State Police.


The event will entitle up to four training credits granted by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome extendable to all national orders of engineers, architects and surveyors. The event can be followed on the streaming channel of PIARC-Italy and that will have value as a certificate for the achievement of professional training credits.

The event will be held entirely in English without simultaneous translation.

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