ROADPOL Executive Committee

The ROADPOL Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Council.
It comprises of the President, General Secretary and other selected members.


Volker Orben 300ROADPOL
Volker Orben (Germany)

ROADPOL President from March 2020 Volker Orben has been TISPOL President from April 2019, the predecessor from ROADPOL.
Volker Orben is experienced in state and federal traffic and constitutes his main area of expertise.
His career led him to the situation room at the Headquarters in Mainz, as deputy head of a motorway police and on to the Ministry of the Interior Rhineland-Palatinate. He took over the traffic policing portfolio at the Ministry when he worked for the Head of the Rhineland-Palatinate Police Service.

For many years he was part of the Committee for Internal Leadership and has played a significant role in implementing the cycle of leadership. Orben is representative of the Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Ministry´s Road Traffic Group in the committee representing both the states and the federation and also headed the subproject "Traffic Safety 2017".

In 2016, Orben was named the German representative in the European Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) TISPOL and was elected into the board by the member states of TISPOL. Almost at the same time he was made privy to the leadership of the working Group "Operations" - OPG.

Volker Orben with his German TISPOL office organizes the annual one-week TISPOL conference with international participants and speakers at the Rhineland-Palatinate Police University in cooperation with the Rhineland-Palatinate Police University.

Since April 2019 Orben has been TISPOL President. As a main topic during his presidency he is highlighting the necessity of harmonising traffic rules in Europe. From March until July 2019 he was seconded to European Commission DG MOVE where he was working among other things on Cross Border Enforcement Directive.

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Heinz Albert Stumpen 300ROADPOL
General Secretary
Heinz-Albert Stumpen (Germany)

In a police career spanning 33 years Mr Stumpen served in the German federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia, where he rose to be Deputy Head of Traffic Police for the city of Münster. Since 2013 Mr Stumpen has been Deputy Head of Faculty and a lecturer for traffic science and traffic psychology at the German Police University.
“The activities of ROADPOL are very important all over the EU and for each Member State. As we all know, traffic safety activities are often not the number one priority in policing, and stand back behind other tasks, such as combatting terrorism, organised crime and other threats,” he said.
“But there is no similar field of activities which can be as successful as roads policing in safeguarding our citizens and communities safe, and helping them avoid losing loved ones  or suffering from lifelong disability because of a single moment.”

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Ernst Jan van Hasselt 2134 002ROADPOL
Egbert-Jan van Hasselt (Netherlands)


Egbert-Jan is a Commissioner of Police with 25 years of active service with the Dutch Police. He is the National Project Leader for Development of Road and Traffic Policing for the Netherlands police for the last 9 years and responsible for the development of police strategies and tactics in the field of fighting crime on the infrastructure (roads, rail and waterways) and road safety. He is the spokesman on road safety issues for the National Police and responsible for stake holders management: road authorities, public and private organizations on road safety, scientific institutes.
He was responsible for development and implementation of road and traffic policing concept in the new established National Police force in 2012, the introduction and implementation of the functionality of ANPR for investigation purposes within the speed cameras, the development of digital enforcement of hand held phoning, the founding of a public private cooperation on collecting collision data and some interesting functionalities on the mobile platform for traffic police officers.

Since the last 5 years Egbert-Jan is TISPOL council member for the country and since 2018 he is Vice President and member of the executive committee of TISPOL

He was formerly Deputy Police Chief of a regional police force (1500 police officers) and has comprehensive experience across a broad range of police disciplines.

Before joining the police force for the second time in 2003, Egbert-Jan had a career in the automotive industry for nine years. As board member of the importer op Volkswagen and Audi in the Netherlands, he was responsible for the services and sales of commercial vehicles and the development and quality of the dealer network. He moved to the brand identity sector as managing Director of an international oriented project management company. In 2000 he became an independent marketing and communications consultant.

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Paolo Cestra neu 300

President of Honour
Paolo Cestra (Italy)

Paolo CESTRA has been TISPOL President from October 2016 to April 2019 and was awarded the title of TISPOL President of Honour.

Since ROADPOL, as the successor to TISPOL, took over all TISPOL titles and prizes awarded (according to article 8, point 16 of the new ROADPOL Statute), he may now call himself ROADPOL President of Honour.
Paolo CESTRA is graduated in Law, Science of Public Administration and International Relations, International Security Ph.D candidate.   He is First Executive Officer (Colonel) of the Italian National Police (Polizia di Stato),  actually designed as Police Attaché at the Italian Embassy in Bucharest (Romania) with the role of Coordinator for the Balkans and Eastern Europe area and Italian Point of Contact at the SELEC (Southeast European Law Enforcement Center).
Consultant for the International Cooperation at the National Traffic Service of the Italian National Police (Servizio Polizia Stradale).
He holds a Master Degree in Peacekeeping and Security Studies and a Master on International Policing. Paolo performed successfully, among others, the Senior Police Officers Planning and Command Course for Crisis Management Missions/Operations at the European Academy of Police and the Peacekeeping Mission Commander Course the United Nations Institute for Training and Research - POCI.
He is an expert in Traffic and Road Policy, International Law of Armed Conflict and Peace Support Missions. He  has attended at the CASD the Ministry of Defence the 7th Course for Legal Advisor  to the Armed Forces and the 29th Civilian and Military Cooperation Course. From 2014 to 2015 he was in service at the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of Interior as Acting Head of the Investigative Division of the National Traffic Service.
Paolo is a member of ROADPOL Executive Committee. He was President of CARPOL Subgroup within the LEWP of the Council of the European Union in Brussels during the period July to December 2014.
From 2012 to 2019 he was the Italian Representative to the LANDSEC Committee within the DGMove at the European Commission in Bruxelles and also Member of the Experts Committee on Road Transport-Social Rules.

From May 2001 to March 2002 he was Deputy Commander of the Italian State Police Contingent within the UNMIK Mission in Kosovo.

Author of several publications on road safety and road policing and lecturer at Universities and Police Academies.

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Elvira Zsinkai 300Elvira Zsinkai

I have been working for the police for 22 years now. I started as a patrol at one of the public order units at the Budapest Police Headquarters and later I worked different fields of the police (call centre and custody but as a response officer also).

Besides my work I started my studies at the National University of Public Service. I graduated as Law Enforcement Administrator in Traffic Policing so after my graduation l was appointed as traffic accident investigator at the traffic unit and I dealt with investigating of serious traffic crimes for more than 11 years, which had big influence on me.

In 2015 I became the member of RAILPOL (European Association of Railway Police Forces) Railway Accident Working Group as an expert and the Hungarian representative.
In 2016 I was appointed at the Traffic Enforcement Department of National Police Headquarters. My present position is on national level and my main tasks are coordinating and giving guidelines to all regional traffic forces.
I don’t have too much free time but if l have l like travelling, sightseeing, getting to know more about local foods and traditions. I do sport also.

I am a fanatic of Kangoo Jumps and l like running as well. Doing sport inspired me to learn as an aerobic trainer but because the lack of free time unfortunately I don’t keep trainings.

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Demetris Demetriou 300Demetris Demetriou (Cyprus)

Demetris Demetriou was born in Nicosia in 1963. He joined Cyprus Police in July 1984, and since August 2017 he has been serving as Assistant Chief of Police for Training and Education. Previously he served as a Director of the Traffic Department of Police Headquarters for six years, whereas throughout his career, he has served for another six years in different positions in Traffic Departments. Since July 2018, both the Traffic Department and the Divisional Traffic Branches have been placed under his Administration, because of his relevant expertise.
He has also served at various Police Departments, Services and Units, among which as Officer in Charge of the Press and Public Relations Office (2002-2006), as Nicosia Divisional Police Commander (6/2014-3/2017) and as Director of European Union and International Police Cooperation Directorate (3/2017-8/2017).

Mr. Demetriou has completed a degree in Business Administration at the University of Piraeus and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the University of Nicosia. He also gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Mediterranean Institute of Management and a Master’s Degree in Arts with a specialization in Strategic Planning from Middlesex University, UK. Additionally, he holds a Certificate in Investigation and Reconstruction of Road Traffic Accidents from Northwestern University in Chicago, USA, for which he was granted a scholarship.
He has attended various seminars, workshops and conferences in Cyprus and abroad, on many different topics, such as road safety, crisis management, hostage negotiation, to name a few. He has himself organised a lot of seminars, and lectured in most of them as well. Moreover, he has published numerous articles on Police related subjects and especially on Traffic and Road Safety issues.
In 2016 he was a member of a Committee, which conducted a study on road traffic collisions in Cyprus, commissioned by the Chief of Police due to a remarkable increase in the number of fatal traffic collisions in Cyprus.
In 2019 he was appointed Head of a Committee, which conducted a study concerning the Road Traffic problem in Nicosia, also commissioned by the Chief of Police.

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Sanja Veic 300Sanja Veic (Croatia)

I'm working at Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia, in the General Police Directorate - Road Safety Service for more than 20 years, as independent police inspector. After high school I graduated as security engineer. My job position is on national level, so includes coordination and cooperation with all regional traffic police forces.

Two main parts of my work are collection, analysis and dissemination of road traffic accidents statistics and international cooperation on road safety issues. I was involved in Croatian negotiation process for membership in the European Union since its beginning as member of interministerial experts group dealing with implementation of EU Directives in the road transport area.

Also I was involved in creation of National road safety programme of the Republic of Croatia 2011-2020 which was based on EU 4th Action Programme for the road traffic safety 2011-2020 and UN Decade of Action.

During 2004 and 2005 I was representative of Croatia at UNECE WP1 - Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety. With years of experience I became a member of European Commission’s expert group CARE- the European Union's road accidents database as well as ETSC PIN panellist for Croatia.
In December 2017 together with ETSC I organised ETSC PIN talk in Zagreb, Croatia. Last few years I also participate as Croatian representative at High Level Group on Road Safety of the European Commission.
My free time is reserved for pilates classes for which I’m licenced instructor.

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