French Gendarmerie Helping

During Big Holiday Travel


Photo archives NR Aziliz Le BerreThe EDSR will temporarily drop enforcement for some preventive work. PHOTO: GN 1 JUL - French Gendarmerie Nationale is setting out tо assist drivers at the start of the big summer holiday travel, known in France as the "grand departures".

The departmental road safety squadron (EDSR) of Indre will set up a "gendarmerie reception" in place on two areas of the A20 motorway during three weekends of expected heavy traffic.


The A20 is a major route carrying traffic between Paris and Toulouse. Three gendarmes of the EDSR of Indre will be installed on the area of «Мille Étangs» on the A20. "A constable will be at the reception point to inform and possibly take complaints. The other two will be able to patrol the parking lot or the station to prevent theft and tension" explains Captain Patrice Sanchez, commander of the EDSR of Indre.


The squadron consists of 61 officers and includes two motorized platoons. It performs generally enforcement missions focused on road prevention: speed, alcohol and drugs control. During the three weekends in this period of intensive travel the squadron takes more of a preventive profile with the general public. "Those who drive on the A20 are often passing by, they don’t necessarily know where to turn if they have a problem", says Capt. Sanchez. The gendarmes committed to this mission will be able to take complaints, on site, in case of problems encountered on the road, thanks to digital procedures applied. "The complaint is sent directly to the prosecutor’s office and the receipt can be sent by e-mail", Sanchez explains. According to him, a deterrent effect is expected : "There’s a high risk of theft at gas stations: people often leave valuable items such as tablets inside unlocked vehicles."

The EDSR will be in the "Мille Étangs" area Saturday, July 2, from 9 am to 5 pm, in the direction of Paris-Limoges and Sunday, July 3, at the same time, in the area of the Val de l'Indre, in the direction of Limoges-Paris. The operation will be renewed for the weekends of 30 and 31 July and the last weekend of August.