French Gendarmerie Sets Up Full

Diversion Against Alcohol, Drugs


OAD GGD91 536240 drunk and 11 drugged drivers were caught in a large-scale enforcement operation by our colleagues of Gendarmerie nationale.

The operation was carried out by the Essonne department road traffic division during a November weekend on the N20 – a major road carrying traffic between Paris and the Franco-Spanish border. The gendarmes from several units diverted the whole flow of vehicles to carry out checks - in particular of alcohol level and narcotics.

Supply Chain Crisis

Shoots Up Truck Violations


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16 NOV 2021 - The surge in demand for commercial road transportation after the peak of the pandemic has dramatically affected the violations rate in the trucking sector in Europe, results of latest ROADPOL Truck&Bus Operations show.

Despite the great attention that many police forces still have to devote to the Covid-19 pandemic, 19 European countries nevertheless took part in the October operation. During the enforcement activities 197.274 trucks and 111.545 buses were checked overall. As a result 77.386 violations were found (trucks: 69.453, buses: 7.933). In 1166 cases the onward journey had to be prohibited until the proper condition of the vehicles or load had been restored, thereof 1.159 trucks and 17 buses.

ROADPOL Focus On the Road Operation:

46.000 Drivers Caught Phone-In-Hand

2Distraction gravely extends drivers reaction times. PHOTO: POLITIE.NLMore than 46 000 drivers caught using their smartphones behind the wheel.

The numbers came after final analysis of summarized data from ROADPOL’s latest pan-European “Focus On The Road” operation. It coincided with the ROADPOL Safety Days week and the European Mobility Week (16-22 September).

Federica Deledda and Damyan Vladinov

Accede To ROADPOL Executive Committee

Italy’s Federica Deledda and Bulgaria’s Damyan Vladinov have acceded to ROADPOL’s Executive Committee.

Damyan Vladinov photo 1Damyan Vladinov

FedericaFederica Deledda The renovation came at ROADPOL Council’s latest meeting in Budapest with elections being held for both positions. Mrs. Deledda and Mr. Vladinov are replacing outgoing executives Tasos Ashikkis of Cyprus and Paolo Cestra of Italy, who is also ROADPOL’s President of Honour.

ROADPOL's French National Gendarmerie

Back In Alpine After 55 Years

ROADPOL member, the National Gendarmerie of France, will be riding the Alpine autos again after 55 years, French Ministry of Interior announced in a press release.

Alpine26 pieces of the Alpine are to be produced for the Gendarmerie. PHOTO: DRThe ministry confirmed previous reports of the imminent acquisition of 26 Renault Alpine A110 Pure vehicles. “These vehicles will allow the Gendarmerie to carry out interventions on the motorway, involving cars in violation at high speed or Judicial police missions against drug trafficking. The cars will also be used for rapid response training”, the ministry said.