ROADPOL 2023-2025

Strategy Draft Finalized


FXJzvsyWQAMOBecRissanen, Kautto, Mavrohannas, Vladinov and Fuentes after the draft finalization in Sofia.14 JUL - ROADPOL 2023-2025 Strategy preparation has been finalized.

The critical document has been worked on since the beginning of the year and was fully accomplished by a ROAPDOL working group in Sofia, Bulgaria in the beginning of July.


Authors of the strategy include ROAPDOL Executive Committee members Elvira Zsinkai of Hungarian Police and Federica Deledda of Italian Police as well as ROADPOL Council members Ioannis Mavrohannas of Cyprus Police, Hannu Kautto and Pasi Rissanen of Finnish Police, Leandro Fuentes of Spain's Guardia Civil, Damyan Vladinov of Bulgarian Police, Tolga Hakan of Turkish Police and Ulrich Gloor of Swiss Police. The team was supported by ROADPOL President of Honor Paolo Cestra of Italian State Police.


In the new draft strategy crime prevention work on roads and the importance of communication in order to achieve effectiveness are emphasized more than in the previous (2020-2022) version. “I am fully satisfied with the work done. International cooperation and European-wide traffic safety and the work to be done are important themes”, says Pasi Rissanen who was lately promoted to head Road safety and traffic control at the Finnish National Police Board.

The strategy, which is now in the draft stage, will be sent to the member countries of the ROADPOL Council for comments, after which it will be presented to the ROADPOL Council for approval at the upcoming meeting in Madrid in September.