From 12th to 18th October 2020, the Europe-wide ROADPOL Control Week "Truck and Bus” took place, which focuses on the control of commercial goods and passenger transport. Over the year 28 European countries participate in this operations.

Despite the great attention that many police forces have to devote to the COVID19 pandemic, 17 countries nevertheless took part in this action. According to their feedback, 206.304 trucks and 119.081 buses were checked.


Truck and Bus Collage


Operation Results


During this control week 59.501 violations were found (trucks: 68.791, buses: 10.392).

33.158 times the onward journey had to be prohibited until the proper condition of the vehicles or load had been restored, thereof 2.539 trucks and 619 buses. This is roughly equal to the numbers in the same month in 2019.

The violation rates were 33,34% for freight transport and 5,96% for buses. For freight traffic, this means that a violation was found in 1 in 3 trucks checked. Fortunately, that number is lower for buses. This shows that freight traffic represents a major risk to road safety and that monitoring is still necessary.
European police officers have a very high standard of training in heavy traffic controls, which is reflected in the high complaint rate.


Ladung Most of the offences were found in the areas of technical offences and vehicle documents law for busses and in the areas of speed, legislation on driving and rest times and tachograph settings:
10.426 drivers (trucks 10.029, buses 397) offended against Europe-wide valid social regulations, meaning they drove their

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Don’t drink and drive – Go Pink for life



Today we would like to present you a very special initiative against drink-driving.
Don’t drink and drive – Go Pink for life

On 05.01.2020, seven young Germans died when a drunk driver (27) drove into their group in Luttach, South Tyrol / Italy. Ten other people were injured in the accident, some of them seriously.

They only had to cross the zebra crossing to reach their hotel.

The result of the blood test of the driver showed a value of 2 %o. No brake marks were found.

The families, the injured and traumatised victims have been struggling ever since to come to terms with their grief and consternation about this accident.

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Initiator of the #GoPinkForLife initiative is



Poland: Campaign "STOP ROAD AGRESSION"


More and more drivers on our roads install cameras in their cars that record the image in front of the vehicle. It happens that the recorded video material helps to decide in the event of road incidents about the perpetrator's fault. More and more often, the image recorded with such a camera also allows for an effective fight against road aggression and contributes to the prosecution of gross traffic violations. This year, almost 1,000 applications from drivers were sent to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mailbox.

PLFor several years, policemen from the Pomeranian Voivodeship have been using a special e-mail box This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Each road user can send to this address videos and photos, in which gross violations of the provisions of the Road Traffic Act or aggressive behavior of road users have been recorded road.

The submitted materials are each time analyzed in terms of



Croatia: World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims



In order to reduce accidents in traffic, with a leaflet and contact with road users, we want to point out the most common causes of traffic accidents.

This year's World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Victims would be commemorate on November 15. It is 25 years ago this year since a day dedicated to remembering road traffic victims began to be observed internationally – for the first ten years by the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims (FEVR) and its many member organizations, including RoadPeace (UK), who introduced the day in 1995.


With strong support from WHO and UNRSC members, UN Member


Smart cameras to tackle smart phones in drivers' hands




ROADPOL member, the Netherlands, first in Europe to snap texting and chatting violators on the road

1The smart cameras, here on a viaduct over the A28, that are used to monitor traffic for calling and app using motorists. IMAGE ANP


Smart cameras will clamp on texting, app using and calling drivers.
The unique for Europe measure is set to be introduced by the Public Prosecution on Traffic (CVOM) in the Netherlands.

Until now agents tackled the violations by intercepting drivers to the side of the road, requiring a lot of personnel capacity. Still, within just the last year more than 120,000 tickets were handed to drivers holding a phone behind the wheel, data from Institute for Road Safety Research shows.

“If the new smart cameras run all year round, that number will easily double. They see everything”, says national traffic prosecutor Achilles Damen. During the test period in just 6 hours two cameras shot more than four hundred drivers fidgeting a phone while driving - good for fines for almost 100,000 euro.


CVOM agents mount the cameras on overhead passes on highways. Thus due to the high