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On 20 September, the Belgian Highway police of Hainaut organized speed control as part of the ROADPOL Safety Days.

Representatives of the European Commission joined a the roadside checks near Mons, Belgium as well:

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Ms Elzbieta Lukaniuk, Member of Commissioner Valean’s Cabinet

Ms Fotini Ioannidou, Head of Unit for Road Safety, DG MOVE

Ms Rabea von Cyssewski, Communication officer, DG MOVE

Ms Wiebke Pankauke, Deputy Head of Unit for Road Safety, DG MOVE 


The mobile flash unit was set up at a work area, where the speed limit was 70 km/h instead of 120 km/hr. Highest speed during the action was 149 km/h. In addition, the driving licence of eleven drivers was also revoked due to excessive speed.

Also, see the tweet that went out this morning from EU Transport :
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Here is our latest Video from the

Roadpol Safety Days Press Conference on 16.09.2020




16 September 2020
Press Release
First ROADPOL Safety Days launched
For Immediate Release

 Press conference

Heinz Albert Stumpen, the General Secretary, Volker Orben, the President and Egbert-Jan van Hasselt, the now former vice president at the beginning of the kick-off event”


Mainz, Germany: Today, ROADPOL, the European network of traffic police forces, launched the very first ROADPOL Safety Days – a Europe-wide campaign to raise awareness of road safety. The aim of the initiative is to reduce the number of traffic fatalities – currently up to 70 per day across Europe – to zero, at least for one day.
From now on, the ROADPOL Safety Days will take place every year alongside the European Mobility Week that runs from 16 until 22 September. Activities vary across countries, but one central element of the campaign is counting the number of road deaths on 17 September, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero fatalities at least on that day. A full list of events taking place across Europe this week can be found on the dedicated campaign website – participation is open to everyone: from citizens to cities, NGOs, companies, schools, universities etc.. Road users are also invited to sign the campaign’s pledge, to show their support and spread the message.

Representatives from the German regional government, international organisations, civil society as well as the private sector came together for ROADPOL’s virtual kick-off event – one highlight being a panel discussion, featuring experts in transport safety, violence and injury prevention, as well as in campaigning road safety. During today’s event, participants were also able to witness a roadside check in action, carried out by Mainz Police – one of the many activities of the ROADPOL Safety Days.

Volker Orben, ROADPOL’s president, points out, that “Traffic enforcement is the core task for European traffic police and we are taking our role seriously: Our campaign ROADPOL SAFETY DAYS highlights that everyone can contribute to safer roads if she or he obeys the traffic rules. Our clear message is: we do not like having to remind you about that with a fine, but we will! Stay alive and safe lives!

Matthew Baldwin, European Coordinator for Road Safety, European Commission, concluded: “It’s clear that this campaign is launched in very extraordinary times, but the ongoing pandemic hasn’t reduced the importance of road safety! Last year and in Europe alone, an estimated 22 800 people lost their lives in a road crash – this is unacceptable and I’m glad that traffic police forces all across Europe have teamed up to use their critical role on road traffic law enforcement to raise awareness of this issue. Once more, congratulations to ROADPOL on the launch of this important campaign – let’s stay alive and save lives together!”

See the press conference on Youtube
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For further information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 Press conference

Invitation to online press conference

Kick-off event for the ROADPOL Safety Days


ROADPOL invites you to an event and press conference to open the 2020 ROADPOL Safety Days.
ROADPOL is a network of European traffic police forces. Led by senior police officers, ROADPOL is primarily committed to reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on European roads. Our members are the traffic police forces of various European countries, but we are open for countries outside Europe as well, because there should not be borders for saving lives.


• Statements by Mr Volker Orben, ROADPOL President and Mrs Nicole Steingaß, State Secretary of Home Affairs and Sports, Rhineland-Palatinate.

• Livestream from a roadside safety check.
• Panel discussion on road safety, featuring:
     o Matthew Baldwin, European Commission, Deputy Director-General of DG MOVE
     o Jonathon Passmore, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, Programme Manager - Violence and Injury Prevention
     o Ellen Townsend, European Transport Safety Council, Policy Director
     o Nora Guitet, Michelin, Corporate Public Affairs


When: Wed 16 Sep 2020 14:00 – 15:00 (CEST) Brussels, Belgium Time



For media queries, or to request dedicated media access to the press conference, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or register directly via

We look forward to your support in making the event successful.



Eltis_video.jpgIn support of the ROADPOL Safety Days, Eltis (in cooperation with ROADPOL and the European Commission) made a video clip summarizing what it is about and how you can participate. Please share the video clip to raise awareness.

You can find the video here: