6000 Drunk Drivers Stopped in a

ROADPOL Campaign across EuropeAlcohol and Drugs

Police officers are seen during the campaign in the Netherlands, 8 December 2020. PHOTO: POLITIE.NL


12 JAN 2020 – 6.218 drunk drivers were caught by police officers in a ROADPOL pan-European campaign aimed at driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Additional 1.509 drivers were found to be driving after having taken different kinds of illicit drugs, the European Roads Policing Network reported. Throughout the campaign lasting from 7 to 13 December 2020 about 500.000 motorists were checked across 13 ROADPOL member states. The numbers are allegedly impressive considering that a lot of member police forces could not take part in the campaign due to COVID-19 emergency measures. The percentage of drunk/stoned drivers was the highest in Norway at 7%. Taken over all participating countries, the occurence was 2%.

Road Traffic Fatalities in Norway Lowest since 1947

POLITI Jan 2021

11 JAN 2021 - ROADPOL member Norway set another high point in its immaculate road safety record by reporting just 95 traffic fatalities in 2020.

The yet preliminary numbers show a drop of more than 12% (13 victims) compared to 2019. Also this is the first time since 1947 that the country officially records less than 100 annual traffic fatalities. Compared with 1970, the year with the highest number of road traffic fatalities, 560, the plunge is 83%.

161 Drivers Suspended Hours within New Year




8 JAN 2021 - 161 drivers had their license suspended for violations during New Years night, ROADPOL member Bulgarian Traffic Police announced.

More than 5000 violations were detected by the enforcement officers just for the short period of 31 December 2020 – 1 January 2021, Chief Inspector Lachezar Bliznakov from the police force reported.


ROADPOL Salutes Leaving Distinguished ECR Officer


JAN 2021 - European road policing network ROADPOL bid farewell to retiring distinguished Euro Contrôle Route (ECR) officer Mr. Gerard Schipper.

IMG 6492A General Delegate of ECR, Mr. Schipper has for almost 20 years been the ROADPOL (previously TISPOL) liaison of the organisation and has been involved with TISPOL since the very creation of the network. For his outstanding contribution to road safety and security in Europe Mr. Schipper was granted the President Award of TISPOL in 2019. 

New Team to Handle ROADPOL Communications


4 JAN 2021 - New team has been assigned to manage ROADPOL's communications.

IMG 6489
The duo, Deyan and Elena Dyankov, will have the task of defining ROADPOL messages target groups and media channels. The couple will manage the Traffic Police Associations's press releases and newsletters and will create a long-term communication plan  for ROADPOL's activities. The team will also aspire to strengthen ROADPOL's social media presence and administer ROADPOL's websites www.roadpol.eu and www.roadpolsafetydays.eu. Deyan and Elena will handle events and press conferences for ROADPOL and overall, ensure consistent corporate identity for the European Roads Policing Network.

The Dyankov team believe their joint experience, education and background will help them do a great job for ROADPOL.