War On Drugs and Alcohol After

Nasty Crash Enrages Bulgaria


0000535913 article2The special police operation has no specific time limit set. PHOTO: Bulgarian Police15 JUL - An outrageous crash caused strong public outcry and an immediate start of a police alcohol and drug campaign with no time limit set in Bulgaria.

The crash happened on the 5th of July late at night in the center of the capital Sofia.


An SUV at a gravely excessive speed run by a former football player under crossed at red light a large intersection hitting a left-turning taxi, injuring the driver, then splitting in two and killing two innocent female pedestrians. The perpetrator was arrested Wednesday in a special police operation. It turned out his license had been suspended and he had over 50 traffic violations, including driving under the influence.


Taxi cab drivers blocked traffic Wednesday afternoon at the intersection where the accident occurred. They demanded legislative changes and stricter traffic control and warned that there will be more protests if proper measures are not taken. Dozens of citizens also gathered at the scene of the accident and blocked traffic. Some laid wreaths in memory of the victims.


In a Facebook post the next day Prime Minister Kiril Petkov called the crash “a horrible crime“ and declared war on alcohol and drugs on the road and driving without a licence. "My sincere condolences for the two young lives lost! For years, the brutal trampling of the law and the feeling of impunity have been fed in our society. This wicked model must be ended, where the law is just a formality for some, while double standards are the norm," Petkov says, adding that the human life is paramount. 


The next day the perpetrator, a former football player, was apprehended after running away from the scene, accompanied by a female police officer, who was travelling with him in the car. An indictment has been brought against him. It foresees a prison term of 5 to 20 years. A judicial panel later ordered the driver to be permanently incarcerated for the duration of the upcoming trial. The policewoman is under and internal review by the Ministry on Interior for breach of ethical conduct. She has been suspended from office until the end of the inspection.