ROADPOL Forces Aiding

A Large Anti-Drug Operation


Gendarmerie1 NAMALENAPHOTO: FRENCH GENDARMERIE18 OCT - Several drug traffickers were arrested during a large cross-border police operation facilitated by ROADPOL member police forces.

The police of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France organized the grand action against drug trafficking and the so called drug tourism.


Of 1,151 vehicles checked, 122 people were found in possession of drugs. 24 people were under the influence while driving, 13 people were arrested and 10 vehicles were seized. In total more than 3kg of hashish, marijuana and joints were seized. Uncounted amount of spacecake and paddo's, over 78.000 XTC pills, more than 150 g of amphetamine and more than 700 g of cocaine complemented the captured quantities. 10 firearems and a total of 47 800.00 Euro were also confiscated.


On one night during the operation the Dutch police started a pursuit of a French car whose driver refused to stop for a check and tried to pull colleagues off the road. The vehicle crossed the border into Belgium, where the Belgian police continued the pursuit. The vehicle reached speeds of up to 190 km/h and drove into the hard shoulder several times to overtake other cars. Near Grobbendonk the car hit a truck on the highway. The driver, a 35-year-old Algerian citizen living in France tried to flee on foot, but was arrested on the spot. Over 78,000 ecstasy pills were found in the car.


That same evening the Federal Road Police at the Auderghem post were able to intercept a Belgian rental vehicle in which a hidden compartment, installed by professionals, was discovered and 34 pellets of cocaine found. In the Netherlands a Belgian vehicle was also intercepted with 25 kg of hashish in a hidden space. The Federal Road Police of Belgium intercepted a vehicle Graham VerschaeveGraham Verschaevewith more than 500 grams of cocaine on board. The vehicle came into the sights of the Belgian police thanks to information provided by colleagues from Luxembourg police. The suspect, a French citizen, turned out to be a known drug courier.


„These actions are part of the so called "Hazeldonk" cooperation through which the four countries target drug traffic from the Netherlands to France through Belgium and Luxembourg. All police forces in Belgium participate: the railway police, customs, Highway police and local police. Often, colleagues from highway police catch lots of drug transporters and find lots of internal spaces in vehicles, designed for hiding drugs. The phenomenon with the hidden compartments is increasingly concerning”, commented ROADPOL Operational Working Group member Graham Verschaeve, service coordination operative with the Directorate of Federal Highway Police of Belgium.