Polish Police Patrol Races

To Bring Heart To Recipient


TransplantThe heart arriving at the departure point. PHOTO: SILESIAN POLICE29 JUL - A Polish Highway Police patrol dashed at racing speed in order to deliver a heart to a transplant recipient.

The extreme situation developed after a road crash in Silesian Voivodeship. Medical team on site pronounced a victim being brain dead and a donor situation was immediately declared. The recipient was soon announced – а 64-year old male hospitalized at the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław.

War On Drugs and Alcohol After

Nasty Crash Enrages Bulgaria


0000535913 article2The special police operation has no specific time limit set. PHOTO: Bulgarian Police15 JUL - An outrageous crash caused strong public outcry and an immediate start of a police alcohol and drug campaign with no time limit set in Bulgaria.

The crash happened on the 5th of July late at night in the center of the capital Sofia.

Belgium Registers Record

Number Of Speeding Offences Ever


8106d1c40afc66f7a7553666819bb76414 JUL - A record number of speeding offences were registered in Belgium.

This is revealed by the national traffic statistics for 2021 which were recently published.

ROADPOL 2023-2025

Strategy Draft Finalized


FXJzvsyWQAMOBecRissanen, Kautto, Mavrohannas, Vladinov and Fuentes after the draft finalization in Sofia.14 JUL - ROADPOL 2023-2025 Strategy preparation has been finalized.

The critical document has been worked on since the beginning of the year and was fully accomplished by a ROAPDOL working group in Sofia, Bulgaria in the beginning of July.

Crash Test Demo Planned 

For 2022 ROADPOL Seminar



SeminarThe seminar is open for representatives of ROADPOL member states.

13 JUL - A visit to a crash test site and a demonstration are among the highlights of the upcoming 2022 ROADPOL Seminar.

The annual educational event of the European Roads Policing Network is scheduled to be staged 2-4 August.