France Кeeping

Fatalities Trend Positive


GendarmerieePHOTO: GENDARMERIE.FR17 FEB - 3,170 people died on French roads last year, according to the French Road Safety Authority (Sécurité Routière).

The fall in the number of deaths concerns all categories of road users and signifies a 3% reduction on an annual basis.

Survey Draws Grim

Picture Of Finns' Driving


416042840 672831955040120 1859243735789310992 n                                   Law enforcement is one of the tools for improvement. PHOTOS: POLIISI.FI16 FEB - Finnish drivers drive faster than average, when tired and hold a mobile phone when driving, ROADPOL Council member Аssistant Police Commissioner Pasi Rissanen writes in a blog together with Finnish Police analyst Mika Sutela.

According to the authors an extensive international ESRA (E-Survey of Road Users' Attitudes) survey does not paint a positive picture of Finns' attitudes towards their own and other people's safety in traffic.

At Two Master Classes in 2024


ROADPOL To Teach Spotting

Drive Times Fraud


Masterclass namalena14 FEB - ROADPOL is to organize two master classes in 2024 aimed at teaching police and road inspection experts to spot truck and bus drive and rest times fraud.

France Lowers Minimum

Drivers Age To 17


419189273 785633516937550 688363327685466107 nTraffic officers in France will now inspect drivers of age as low as 17. PHOTO: GENDARMERIE.FR18 JAN - France has lowered the minimum age for obtaining a driving license to 17 years instead of 18.

The measure was announced in December 2023 by then Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne and was implemented by a decree which came into force on the 1st of January.

Czech Traffic Law Overhauled

To Address Emerging Challenges


Czech PolicieViolation fines have also been reshuffled. PHOTO: POLICIE.CZ17 JAN - Czech Republic's Road Traffic Act ran through a major overhaul to address emerging road safety challenges.

Mandatory insurance for electric scooters, learner's permit from the age of 17 and stricter penalties for offenses are among the key amendments to the act which came into force at the beginning of the year.