Support For Garda In Push

For More Speed Cameras


Motorway Average Speed Safety Camera                                                 According to RSA average speed cameras on motorways lead to over 95% speed limit compliance rate. PHOTO: GARDA.IE15 NOV - ROADPOL member Garda Siochana received a strong support in its push for more static speed cameras on Irish roads.

Irish Road Safety Authority (RSA) chairwoman Liz O’Donnell has endorsed Garda's plan to introduce more average speed cameras and has vowed to support its fight for 20% speed cameras budget increase.

Status quo

As it is speed vans operated by the company GoSafe on behalf of Garda are the most popular speed enforcement measure. Locations in which they can be found in use are both published online on the Garda website as well as marked by black and white road signs. In total there are 1,373 safety camera zones around Ireland, usually on stretches of road that have seen serious speed-related crashes in the past. As well as those operated by GoSafe, Garda also operates a smaller number of van-based cameras.


Now Garda is pushing for the introduction of more average speed cameras of which the country now has only two. “It’s very important that Garda state publicly that enforcement needs to be increased, and are proposing a rolling out of these average speed cameras. We only have two in the country at the moment and they absolutely work. They do slow down drivers and change driver behaviour” Ms O’Donnell said. „Average-speed cameras are expensive. I think each unit costs about €30,000 to €50,000. So you know it’s going to cost money”, RSA chief concluded.


When asked if she would like to see more gardaí on road-policing units, Ms O’Donnell said “of course”. There had been 1,100 roads policing personnel some years ago, and this figure was now down to 650 which was a challenge for Garda in terms of recruitment and allocation of resources, she added.