93% Afraid Of Others'

Road Behavior

285253836 5387937734599661 3421818833140066538 nThe study shows sharing the road is a source of constant anxiety. PHOTO: ISTOCK14 OCT - 93% of European road users are afraid of others' road behaviour and see it as a source of major concern and anxiety, an Ipsos survey reveals.

The study, ordered by the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation called “Sharing the road” offers an overview of the behaviour of Europeans dealing with the coexistence of different modes of transport.

ROADPOL Gets 42 000

Driving Phone-In-Hand


Norway 2  Distraction while driving is an increasingly occuring phenomenon. PHOTO: ISTOCK14 OCT - 42.353 drivers were caught using a mobile device without a hands-free equipment while driving.

The data comes as a result of ROADPOL Focus On The Road Operation traditionally carried out during the annual flagship ROADPOL Safety Days campaign.

Italian Police To Receive

450 New Alfa Romeos


alfa romeo 550x245The new models will sport the white-and-blue livery, introduced in the 80s.

12 OCT - Italian State Police will receive 450 new Alfa Romeos for its fleet, the law enforcement service announced.

The new autos will be assigned to the General Prevention and Public Rescue Offices (UPGSP). They are planned to perform partol service and will exercise control of the territory in all Italian provinces.

Heavily Drunk Drivers On The Rise In Finland


Finland1PHOTO: POLIISI.FI11 OCT - The number of heavily drunk drivers is clearly on the rise in Finland, results of recent police operation show.
Since 1988 the Police in the Scandinavian country has been carrying out nation-wide breathalyser tests twice a year, in spring and autumn, with 100% of drivers passing the checkpoint being tested.

Drugged Rider Stopped At

63 km/h On An E-scooter

306720366 460596026111983 8239280247241672287 nPHOTO: GENDARMERIE DU NORD3 OCT - Officers of French National Gendarmerie arrested a man who was driving at 63 km/h on the handlebars of an unapproved electric scooter.