Smart Seat Belt Expected

To Save Even More Lives


15235655 10154560627685272 7809396191006431660 oThe technology can be used in all kinds of vehicles. PHOTO: POLICIJA.LRV.LT22 MAR - A leading automotive brand has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in seat belt technology that could potentially save even more lives during crashes than its traditional predecessor.

The ZF Smart Seat Belt promises to revolutionize car safety by adapting to the unique body characteristics of each individual. This innovative system automatically adjusts to accommodate factors such as body type, height, weight, and posture, ensuring an optimized and safer experience for occupants.

Poland Starting Campaign:

”Hands On Steering Wheel!”


Без имеPHOTO: POLICJA.PL22 MAR - Driving with a phone in hand significantly increases the risk of an accident. Even a few seconds of inattention can lead to many dangerous situations on the road.

These are the messages of the "Hands on the Steering Wheel" campaign in Poland aiming to change drivers' approach to using a phone while driving and thus minimize the risk of accidents caused by inappropriate use of the phone.

Airbags To Combat Alarming

Surge In Motorcycle Deaths


GC 0PHOTO: GUARDIA CIVIL21 МАR - Stopping the surge of motorcycle deaths was a topic of the International Conference on Motorcycle Road Safety in Zaragoza.

The number of fatal crashes including motorcyclists increased 37% in the last decade.

First 2024 ROADPOL Operation Detects

Sharp Rise in Truck & Bus Violations



0775e6eb 4799 46cd aedd 12892884a4c3                 Near Wetteren Belgium Police joined by colleagues from Dutch Police and ELA agents carried out a massive enforcement action. PHOTO: BELGIAN PUBLIC PROSSECUTOR OFFICE20 MAR – The first ROADPOL enforcement operation for 2024 detected a sharp rise in truck and bus violation rate with the one of buses almost doubling in a year.

The Europe-wide enforcement campaign on commercial transportation ran from 19th to 25th February 2024, the first of three in total for the year. At random locations the operation was supported also by teams under the umbrella of Euro Controle Route road inspection institutions and by experts of the European Labor Agency.

2023 data reveal:


Troubling Lack Of Progress In

EU's Pursuit Of Vision Zero


LithuaniaнамаленаPHOTO: POLICIJA.LRV.LT19 МAR - Stalling progress in reducing road fatalities in many member countries of the EU was revealed by recently published preliminary statistics for 2023.

Around 20,400 people were killed in road crashes in the EU last year, a quite insufficient 1% decrease from 2022. Despite some progress since the baseline year of 2019, few Member States are on track to meet the target of halving the number of road deaths by 2030, a key milestone in pursuing the Vision Zero by 2050.