Less accidents, yet increased unsafety on the road - Research on the effects of COVID-19 measures on road safety in the Netherlands

Because of the COVID-19-measures there was a lot less traffic on the road. VIA investigated, Commissioned by the Dutch National Police, the influence of these measures on road safety. Are the measures changing the behaviour of traffic and does this lead to a decrease or increase of risk?

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REPORT FROM POLAND: Against illegal racing on city streets


PL Against illegal racing on city streetsRecently, it has become particularly loud again about amateurs of dangerous driving on public roads, although this is not a new phenomenon.

Unfortunately, few days ago young pedestrian was killed by the vehicle, which took part in the illegal racing on the streets of Lodz. Police take decisive action by issuing fines, stopping with driving licenses and registration documents of traffic pirates!

Police officers are constantly monitoring forums and social networking sites, where information about planned meetings and races appears. In connection with the automotive event planned last weekend, you could also expect visits by moto fans of illegal racing and drifting. The police also could not miss such event, although our purpose of visit was completely different from the participants.

The actions of the SPEED team that night focused on preventing illegal races in Lodz and the surrounding area and resolutely responding to attempts to violate the law.
Policemen appeared in places where participants of illegal races usually meet. In addition, the actions were based on carrying out inspection of cars after tuning.

Policemen always pay attention to noise levels, exhaust emissions, mandatory equipment and any technical changes to vehicles that are not in compliance with regulations. Effect?
Only during one Friday, officers revealed 96 offenses, seized 5 registration documents and 16 driving licenses.




Soon summer holidays, that's why the police from the Traffic Department of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters have already started preparations for this hot period. The nearest long weekend will be kind of test, during which officers will go out on the road to control traffic and fight with road pirates. New police vehicles that were sent to the Warsaw headquarters a few days ago are to help them in this confrontation.

Constantly the main cause of road accidents is excessive speed. Numerous appeals do not help. Road pirates are still ignoring restrictions, and hence the number of deaths is still increasing. Only from the beginning of this year, 44 people died in 425 road accidents on the roads of the capital garrison. Although this is a decrease of 28 people compared to the same period of 2019, we must not forget about 44 family tragedies.

PRE HOLIDAY EXAM 2Summer holidays is very important season in that area. During summer season lot’s of drivers drive without imagination. They use good weather conditions and develop high speeds on the roads. Such behaviours very often have tragic consequenses. During last summer holidays season (in 2019) on the roads of Warsaw Metropolitan Headquartres garrison occured 307 accidents, in which 29 people lost their lives. In 2018 in the same period occured 321 accidents and 26 people were killed.




Drawing Competition About Road Safety: road safety issues with the eyes of children


Drawing Competition About Road Safety 1What do you think about road safety? How can you travel through the city or village safely? Can you draw it?

The Hungarian Accident Prevention Committee inviting applications among the nursery and primary school children to draw and express what does road safety mean to them.

Drawing Competition About Road Safety 12

With the association of regional police headquarters, the Hungarian National Prevention Committee awarded the best pictures and artists.

Here are some very spectacular pictures for you. As you can see the young “artists” took the mission seriously and as you can see in the pictures, they know exactly what does road safety and security mean.

I wish not just children but all of grown up would know it.

Drawing Competition About Road Safety 4 Drawing Competition About Road Safety 6

Drawing Competition About Road Safety 13








Drawing Competition About Road Safety 7

Drawing Competition About Road Safety 14

Drawing Competition About Road Safety 3







Drawing Competition About Road Safety 8Drawing Competition About Road Safety 5

Drawing Competition About Road Safety 2








Drawing Competition About Road Safety 15Drawing Competition About Road Safety 11

 Drawing Competition About Road Safety 9






Germany police goes electric! 

Electric vehicles have been used by the German police for some time, even though their share of the total vehicle fleet is still small.The police of Lower Saxony is now going one step further and has purchased electric motorcycles.

In 2018, the Osnabrück police department had already bought and successfully tested the first electric motorcycles. Now the state of Lower Saxony has purchased 8 electric motorcycles of the brand ZERO DS ZF 14.4 at a unit price of 33,400 Euro including the additional police equipment.

Kopie NI IMG 20200526 WA0008


The electric motorcycles can be used in almost all police actions, e.g. as fast and mobile vehicles within traffic jams or for accompanying demonstrations and parades. What is also unique in Germany is that these eight motorcycles are also used as honorary escorts on state visits.

The electric motorcycles are not yet suitable for use on motorways due to their range. In the next generation, the batteries will be able to enable the use of electric motorcycles on motorways.
There is no restriction in comfort, such as with seat heating. The digital radio was completely integrated into the infrastructure of the electric motorcycle.

The eight electric motorcycles are ecological and modern components of a constantly growing fleet of e-police vehicles. Currently, electric vehicles account for about 5 percent of the fleet.

It is not only the emission-free drive that makes these motorcycles attractive: they are almost 100 kg lighter than a motorcycle with a combustion engine, have lower noise emissions, better driving dynamics and are easier and therefore safer to handle. The drive battery also provides enough energy to supply the entire police technology over a long period of time even when the bike is stationary. NI Elektro Motorrad E Krad 1024x588

Volker Kluwe, President of the Hanover Police Headquarters, said of the new addition to the police fleet: "Each of our motorcycles covers an average of more than 115,000 kilometres per year. With the new electric motorcycles, the police forces now not only drive emission-free, but also in greater comfort. The new bikes are quieter, more agile and better to handle - a great advantage, especially for emergency trips in the city".

Technical background information:
manufacturer: ZERO Motorcycles
Type: DS ZF 14.4
Effective power: 60 PS (45 KW)
torque: 110 Nm
Maximum speed: 158 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4,5 seconds
Range city: 250 km
Loading time: 5 hours
Tare weight: 187 kg (without police equipment)

Special police extension:

Handheld radio SEPURA STP900
Bike control unit: SEPURA MRC-3, Bluetooth connection
Speakers: Helmet integration
LED- Rotating lights: Fa. Hänsch, Typ Movia-SL on tripod
LED- front flash lights: Fa. Hänsch, Typ Sputnik-SL
Sound system: Fa. Hänsch, 1 Pressure chamber loudspeaker
Stop signal device: Fa. Hänsch, in the back, Full matrix -LED
Further special equipment: Grip heating
grip protectors
Case system

Exemplary cost comparison electric motorcycle / combustion engine:

E-bike Zero DS ZF 14.4:

Operating costs: about 2,04 Euro per 100 kilometres
This value results from the following calculation:
Consumption of electric motorcycle per 100 kilometers: 7 kilowatt hours (kWh)
Cost per kWh: approx. 0.2916 Euro

BMW R1200:

Operating costs: approx. 5.53 euros per 100 kilometres
This value results from the following calculation:
Consumption BMW R1200 per 100 kilometres: min. 4.16 litres Super.
Cost per litre of Super (as of January 2020): 1.33 Euro