HUNGARY: Emotional films on road safety

1“Last goodbye”– this is the title of one of the latest prevention video clips made by Hungarian police officers at the Accident Prevention Unit in Hajdú-Bihar County.


More video clips and visuals are required to make their work efficient.

In cooperation with professional filmmakers, the police officers from Hajdú-Bihar county already produced four short videos specifically for social media.

The ambulance crew, the fire brigade and police officers were in the centre of the short videos. During the shooting, the filmmakers could experience how a rescue work would proceed, when it runs like clockwork. The well assembled workforce did its duty as if the accidents would be real.


“Last goodbye” is the first video clip in their campaign and within two weeks it has been watched by more than 250.000 road users.2


This film presents the idea that no one thinks, when they get in the car and start a journey or make a trip, that this could be the last one. Unfortunately, many drivers still never actually return home. The message of the video clip is: “You don’t leave home thinking you’ll never be back again... do you?”



2But according to statistics more than 600 people die in road accidents only in Hungary.


After the first video clip, two other video clips were presented. One of them was launched on the week of ROADPOL Safety Days and more than 18.000 people have seen it.


We hope a large number of people will watch these video clips and think about their lives…

...because“ your family is waiting for you to come home…” (it is one of the slogans of the accident prevention campaigns in Hungary)


If you missed the videos you can watch them on the following links:

You got a message:

Last goodbye:

It can be avoided:

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