Mocktails for everybody

The Belgian Federal Road Police carried out police action in order to save lives,2020 10 12 BelgianFederalRoadPolice1
to prevent people from driving under influence and to reward respectful drivers.

The Belgian Federal Road Police organised a check recently against alcohol and drugs behind the wheel.
A caravan was used in which a mixologist prepared tasty mocktails for the drivers who were negative on alcohol or drugs.
It was aimed at rewarding drivers respecting the rules. During this control in Namur (Belgium), 275 alcohol tests were taken and 2 drug tests.
Two were positive for alcohol and two were positive for drugs. For them there was no mocktail, but a serious fine and driving ban. 
 2020 10 12 BelgianFederalRoadPolice2

The witness helped to eliminate the drunk driver from the traffic


Thanks to the witness's reaction, the policemen prevented the drunk Ford driver from driving. A 59-year-old man was driving a vehicle with nearly 1 %o of alcohol in his blood. The 59-year-old has already had two records of drunk driving in the past. Now the court will decide about his future.2020 10 14 drunkdriver

Traffic police officers, during their daily duty in the area of Grebow commune (poviat Tarnow), received information about a driver who may be under the influence of alcohol. The policemen were told the whole situation by a witness who drew attention to the strange way of driving a Ford on provincial road No. 871 Tarnobrzeg - Stalowa Wola. When Ford driver pulled off the road into the grocery store parking and went shopping, the witness followed him and notified the police. The officers identified the Ford driver and checked his sobriety. He had 0,82%o of alcohol. The Ford driver told the policemen that he had been drinking beer and wine while at the fishing ponds. He also admitted that he intended to drive home via dirt roads, but he ran out of cigarettes. Uniforms determined that the 59-year-old had a history of drunk driving in the past. Now, the decision about his future is in the court hands.
We remind you!
Driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol is punishable by restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to 2 years, and a ban on driving for a period of not less than 3 years and a large fine. 




Results of the first ROADPOL Safety Days


During the first edition of ROADPOL’s new road safety campaign, 16 countries achieved the goal of zero fatalities on the main campaign day. In Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Portugal, no fatal road crashes were recorded on 17 September.

Sadly, this was not the case everywhere – overall, 34 people lost their lives in a road crash on 17 September, which is however well below than the European average of 70 fatalities per day (see results by country below).


Despite the ongoing pandemic, participation in the campaign was high: during the ROADPOL Safety Days, 336 events took place in 18 countries. Activities varied from additional roadside checks to awareness-raising initiatives, such as vehicle turnover simulations, exhibitions and debates.

Some 667 people signed ROADPOL’s road safety pledge to show their support. New partners in Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia joined the project, as well as the Dubai Police! All signed up to the slogan ‘Stay alive and save lives’, which could be seen in many places and in many languages in Europe and beyond.


From now on, the ROADPOL Safety Days will take place every year from 16 to 22 September, alongside European Mobility Week.


Results by country: Road fatalities on 17 September 2020


Country Road Fatalities
Austria no result reported
Belgium  2
Bulgaria 4
Croatia  0
Cyprus  0
Czech Republic  1
Denmark  0
Estonia  0
Finland  0
France  2
Germany  3
Hungary  0
Ireland   0
Italy  3
Latvia  0
Lithuania  0
Luxembourg  0
Malta no result reported
Netherlands  0
Norway  0
Poland 7
Romania  5
Serbia  0
Slovenia 1
Spain  6 
Sweden no result reported
Switzerland  0
Turkey no result reported
United Kingdom no result reported
Kosovo 0
Portugal 0
Total 34



2020 09 23 roadpol32020 09 23 roadpol4

2020 09 23 roadpol5 


On 20 September, the Belgian Highway police of Hainaut organized speed control as part of the ROADPOL Safety Days.

Representatives of the European Commission joined a the roadside checks near Mons, Belgium as well:

 2020 09 23 roadpol2 1

Ms Elzbieta Lukaniuk, Member of Commissioner Valean’s Cabinet

Ms Fotini Ioannidou, Head of Unit for Road Safety, DG MOVE

Ms Rabea von Cyssewski, Communication officer, DG MOVE

Ms Wiebke Pankauke, Deputy Head of Unit for Road Safety, DG MOVE 


The mobile flash unit was set up at a work area, where the speed limit was 70 km/h instead of 120 km/hr. Highest speed during the action was 149 km/h. In addition, the driving licence of eleven drivers was also revoked due to excessive speed.

Also, see the tweet that went out this morning from EU Transport :
2020 09 23 roadpol32020 09 23 roadpol1 

Here is our latest Video from the

Roadpol Safety Days Press Conference on 16.09.2020