University Pegaso

Given that cultural and scientific exchange is indispensable to academic and social institutions to develop their educational and research activities and recognizing that it is necessary to promote and encourage direct cultural agreements between institutions of higher learning at European and International level, ROADPOL, as the first European Network on Road Safety, concluded a specific agreement with the Italian Online University PEGASO ( establishing an appropriate form of common educational programs on the field of:

a) Police Cooperation;
b) Road Safety;
c) European partnership.

PEGASO is an Italian Online University, chosen by over 90,000 students, is handy, flexible and suitable for all: young, adults, workers and disabled, where you can study wherever and whenever you want and take exams in the same way, using the website.

Thanks to the best didactic methodologies and the most powerful technology, PEGASO supports students anytime for professional goals according to high quality educational programmes.

On 10th of July 2020, ROADPOL General Secretary Mr. Heinz Albert Stumpen signed a Framework Agreement with PEGASO Online University on:
a) the possible circulation of publications and information on the specific fields of study and research on Road Safety and on any other subject of relevant interest;
b) the possible organisation of Joint Degree Courses, High Education Courses, Masters and possible specific Classes;
c) the possible organisation of joint scientific conferences and workshops;
d) the possible exchange of publications, university editions, books and co-operation in communication networks;
e) the joint design and implementation of research projects,
intending to follow specific criteria of reciprocity and also with the possibility to exchange all relevant information - by supplying catalogues and other materials - to promote greater and mutual knowledge on their institutional structure and organization.

On the basis of the cooperation PEGASO University and ROADPOL should make joint applications to the EU institutions and organizations for research grants and funds available in the mutually defined fields and topics where collaborative links are established.

The Agreement provides also the possibility for the members of the ROADPOL family to obtain special reductions on the enrollment fees for the PEGASO Online University Courses.
The Framework Agreement is concluded for an initial duration of 3 (three) years from the date of joint signing and after this period can be re-examined if deemed necessary and shall be renewed for another 2 (two) years period, unless terminated by one of the parties by written notice three months prior to the expiration date.

The implementation of the activities foreseen by the Framework Agreement will be promoted, initially, from the ROADPOL side by the President of Honour Paolo Cestra.