ROADPOL Newsletter June 2022

ROADPOL Newsletter June 2022

                                                                                   15 June 2022 ‍ ‍ ‍|

By Webinar For Traffic Police And Road Operators

ROADPOL Reaching Out A Hand For

Road Safety in South-Eastern Europe

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ROADPOL Newsletter



Dear road safety followers,


we have always tried to highlight ROADPOL as not only a network of road safety enforcement, but also a network of road safety knowledge and expertise. Read further to get more info a future webinar we are organizing aimed at sharing our experience to colleagues in a part of Europe facing great challenges to enhance road safety.


Further on you can get aware with the results of our latest Alcohol&Drugs Operation.


Moves were being made towards a potential membership of Greek Police of ROADPOL.


We've included a piece on a wonderful Czech road safety campaign.


And last not least - a ROADPOL executive became a TV star...


Enjoy your reading!


Stay Alive and Save Lives!


Yours Sincerely,

Heinz Albert Stumpen

ROADPOL General Secretary

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4096 2731 max1111111ROADPOL and the Italian National Committee of the World Road Association (PIARC) join hands to help consolidate and improve the road safety expertise of traffic police and road operators in Southeast Europe.

For this a webinar by the title of “Improvement opportunities and perspectives for road safety on the South-Eastern Europe” is to take place on June 21 from 08:30 to 13:30 CET. The event is targeting both traffic police officers and road infrastructure operators to identify critical issues and possible joint solutions with the goal of increasing overall traffic safety in Europe.

Read more

Alcohol GNR ROAPDOL Snatches

Over 4000 DUIs

In 24 hours


4000 instances of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and/or drugs were registered during ROADPOL's latest 24-hour enforcement marathon.

The marathon was conducted at the end of May's ROADPOL “Alcohol & Drugs” operation and represented massive 24-hour checks along the roads of 12 member countries. Read more

Ioannis Mavrohannas Athens


ROADPOL In Discussion On Potential Greek Membership



The potential and benefits of a future membership of Greece in ROADPOL were among the discussions held by the European Roads Policing Network Council member Ioannis Mavrohannas during a recent visit to Athens.

There Mr. Mavrohannas conducted meetings with the Director of Traffic Police in Greece Vasilios Kostoulas and the Director of Traffic Police for Athens Spyridon Liaskos. Read more

ROADPOL Exec Testing Students In TV Show



ROADPOL Executive Elvira Zsinkai of the Police in Hungary tested students at a national road safety TV show.

Free drivers lessons or an electric scooter – these were the grand prizes at the "Big Student Road Safety Test" – a Hungarian national contest designed to raise awareness of road safety among students and sponsored by the National Accident Prevention Committee of Hungary.

Read more

Automaticky Campaign11Czech





Through Automatically



Czech Police and local partners are fighting road fatalities and injuries through the new “Automatically” campaign.

In the course of the coming months a series of information mini-campaigns are planned to make road users “automatically” take measures to raise their own road safety. Read more

Belgian Police Issuing €189.000 Of Fines

Belgium TrucksFor A Day Of Action


53 trucks were checked by Belgian Federal Police for a day of enforcement action near the port of Zeebrugge.

The inspections focused mainly on compliance with social legislation. Read more


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