ROADPOL Executive Testing

Students At Road Safety TV Show



ElviMrs. Zsinkai was delighted with the students' awareness of the traffic rules.20 MAY - ROADPOL Executive Elvira Zsinkai of the Police in Hungary tested students at a national road safety TV show.

Free drivers lessons or an electric scooter – these were the grand prizes at the "Big Student Road Safety Test" – a Hungarian national contest designed to raise awareness of road safety among students and sponsored by the National Accident Prevention Committee of Hungary. This year's topic were the traffic rules, knowing which is a prerequisite for a drivers licence to be obtained.


A record number of young people took the latest Big Student Road Safety Test. In the first online round more than 20,000 people successfully completed the test. The 1,000 players with the best results were invited to the semi-finals of the game. The Top 5 participants qualified for the final, which was aired out as a thrilling national ТV show.
During the show traffic police officers asked the questions and evaluated the students' answers. Even the officers were surprised by the students' knowledge of traffic rules. “We hope the participants retain their current youthful enthusiasm and attentiveness even later as active road users and that they will always respect the traffic rules”, said ROADPOL Executive Committee Member Elvira Zsinkai from the Hungarian Police, who was part of the jury.