Belgian Police Catch Driver

Owing €6M In Fines


Без имеPHOTO: POLICE.BE22 MAY - Police arrested a motorist with an unprecedented 6.2 million euros in outstanding fines during a large-scale operation in South Limburg, Belgium.

The action conducted in April targeted various infractions and involved multiple law enforcement agencies, including local police units, customs officials, and the Flemish tax authorities.

UK Police To Freeze Runaway E-bikes

With Ghostbusters-style Devices


T0FLMTI5NzAwNzkxE-bikes will be tricked into thinking they are overheating. PHOTO: SUSSEX POLICE22 MAY - Police officers in Britain might soon be equipped with Ghostbusters-style devices that emit electromagnetic rays to disable the engines of e-bikes used in crimes.

Gavin Stephens, chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), announced that this device is currently in development and could be available in a few months, though the timeline might extend further, the Guardian informed.

New Technology Revolutionizing

Speeding Enforcement


imgThe POLISCAN can track multiple vehicles moving in opposite directions. PHOTOS: VITRONIC
20 МAY - A cutting-edge speeding enforcement system, the POLISCAN, was introduced by ROADPOL partner Vitronic and is expected to drastically improve road safety.

The advanced technology promises to transform how speed violations are detected and enforced, providing a flexible and reliable solution for various traffic environments. The POLISCAN system leverages the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology for precise speed measurement.

Half A Million Offences

Nailed At Speed Marathon


434745786 727855856204396 5989253229653346710 n16 MAY - Мore than 566.592 speed violations were registered during ROADPOL's unique 24-hour Speed Marathon operation throughout Europe.

The enforcement action, part of ROADPOL Operation Speed, was held on April 19th, involving 30 member countries of the European Roads Policing Network.

Vladinov Takes Charge As Veic Steps Down

In Major ROADPOL Management Shake-up


Damyan VladinovDamyan Vladinov during his acceptance speech in Malta. PHOTOS: ROADPOL10 MAY - Long-time Executive Committee member Damyan Vladinov has been elected ROADPOL General Secretary.

The move was made at the latest meeting of the Council of the European Road Policing Network held in Malta, 25th of April. Bulgarian Vladinov's ascension followed the resignation of his predecessor, Croatian Sanja Veic, who received the acclaim of ROADPOL members after years of devoted service at various positions within the Network.