Willybert Oor Netherlands


Willybert Oor


During his long career (1986 - today) Willybert Oor has gained extensive experience within various police working fields.

In his “early police years” he developed a great love for traffic enforcement as a police motorcyclist. Last decades he worked as chief of community policing, development and implementation manager and project leader in the Dutch National Police force.

Besides that, Willybert also gained a lot of experience in the field of organizational development and cultural change processes.

Willybert has a great preference for community policing and large-scale police deployment in the public domain.

Therefore, this led to extensive experience in operations and public crisis management such as:

- chief of police in the so called “local triangle” (The consultation between the mayor(s), public prosecutor and chief of police.)

- police advisor to the municipal government/crisis team.

- “Chief of traffic mobility” at large scale police deployment.

Willybert has a big heart for “safe(r) traffic” and is strongly intrinsically motivated to make a good contribution from the Dutch police force to Roadpol for safer European traffic in gain of less traffic victims.