André Schaack, Commissaire en Chef
Direction Générale de la Police
Service national de circulation et de sécurité routières (SNCSR)

1992 : Gendarmerie Grand-Ducale

1996 : Special Units/National Traffic Police

2002 : Regional Directorate Grevenmacher/Traffic Police

2009 : General Operational Directorate/Traffic Safety + Traffic Legislation

2018 : National Traffic Directorate

André Schaack (1970), since more than 20 years involved in different ways in traffic safety and traffic legislation. From 1996 to 2009 motorcyclist/traffic police officer. Since 2006 teacher in National Police Academy, since 2009 member of National State Traffic Commission and member in various national and international working groups, representing Police in BENELUX, TISPOL, Great Region.