Foto 1Pedestrians and bikers – vulnerable road users, this is the group that is in the biggest danger on the road in case of traffic accident. In the spring and summer period, the youngest road users constitute a large part of them. For them, the bicycle becomes their favourite means of transport, giving them freedom and independence. In the interests of their safety, police from Szczytno together with local firefighters, supported by one of the local entrepreneurs, shot a spot warning drivers of the consequences of reckless driving. "Slow down! Guide your life and the lives of others ..."

Excessive speed is the most common cause of tragic road accidents. That is why every vehicle driver should be aware of the driving license is a privilege and a big responsibility. All driver must remember that they are responsible not only for their own lives, but about lives of all road users.

Pedestrians, bike riders and motorcyclists in a collision with over speeding vehicle, have slight chances to survive. Vulnerable road users are not protected by the auto body, seatbelts or airbags. They have only their own bodies.

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When loud music can be heard in the speeding car, its driver is not able to assess correctly and react to the appearing sounds. And those sounds can signal even a sudden breakdown of a car or an approaching emergency vehicle. Often, the beautiful sunny weather releases a carefree feeling in drivers and they push "gas to the breath", "spin the music to full" and rush regardless of the safety of themselves and others.

The higher the vehicle speed, the greater the driver's focus on the road should be. Each, even temporary distraction or loss of eye contact with what is happening on the road can lead to the fact that the driver will not be able to react in time. Sometimes a moment, a fraction of a second, will decide about human life.

Don't put yourself and others at risk! Take full responsibility for your behaviour on the road. Take a while and think, maybe in the vehicle, on the bike, motorbike or on the sidewalk is someone from your friends or relatives. Would you endanger her/him with that awareness? But even when other road users are people that you do not know you must remember, that they have their families and friends as well and someone is waiting for them at home. So… police officers and firefighters call: SLOW DOWN! GUIDE YOUR LIFE AND LIVES OF OTHERS…”,Zwolnij-Pokieruj-zyciem-swoim-i-innych.html (film under the text on the web)

*The film was made in cooperation with the Poviat Police Headquarters in Szczytno, the Poviat State Fire Service in Szczytno and E-Movies Productions (pro bono)

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