Slovenian Road Police Helping

After Devastating Floods


365457584 688020653360906 5011108238569982227 n                                                                 Road Police has been indispensable in relief efforts. PHOTOS: POLICIJA.SI13 AUG - Slovenian Road Police officers have been busy helping the country recover from the latest devastating floods.

Officers were deeply involved in recovery works, which strengthened their relationship with local communities in the most affected areas of Carinthia and Mozir.


After initial cooperation in rescuing people, evacuations, deliveries of food, water, medical supplies and medicines, in recent days police have been focusing on protecting people's property in threatened areas, where available forces are sent daily. They even dealt with one theft attempt in Mozir. Police also offer help by escorting convoys. Officers escorted a German convoy of heavy machinery to Carinthia and a convoy of heavy machinery from Ukraine to Mozir. Police have been taking care of the flow of traffic. This is important as it guarantees aid arrives in the field in an organized and timely manner.

The scale of devastation in Carinthia.


Police is also organizing and monitoring work of air work volunteers and aid transportation. In the Mozir area at certain intervals there was a build-up of traffic, because of random visitors, hikers and mushroom pickers, who were briefed by officers and understood that rehabilitating the area is of prime importance.


Police Acting Director General Senad Jušić (middle) visiting the affected areas.“We must all be aware that in this situation, good organization and a great deal of understanding and tolerance are key to successful work”, said Acting Director General of the Police Senad Jušić, who visited the disaster areas. He expressed his satisfaction that, so far, no reports of theft or other crimes have been registered in the affected areas. "The police cooperates with local communities and raises awareness of self-protective behavior, and in particular ensures safety", Jušić added. He praised all officers and said that rehabilitation work is being carried out in a targeted manner and under the supervision of competent institutions. Although the consequences of the floods are catastrophic, hope is given by the solidarity, sacrifice and heart of all involved in the rehabilitation. Police officers will continue to do everything they can to help people, the police reconfirmed.