ROADPOL Giving Commanding Performance

At High-Class Arabic Road Safety Conference



358393926 571799398476710 4856507808357838431 n         ROADPOL President Elvira Zsinkai (center) among the participants at the conference. PHOTOS: NAUSS.EDU.SA18 JUL - ROADPOL was the main star at a major high-class Arabic road safety event.

The European Roads Policing Network’s power duo President Elvira Zsinkai and General Secretary Sanja Veic were dignified headline speakers at the Traffic Safety Conference at the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Mrs. Zsinkai kicked off the content part of the seminar with a captivating lecture on "Cooperation and Coordination among Relevant Authorities for Traffic Safety” followed by a presentation by Mrs. Veic on ROADPOL and its mission and strategy. ROADPOL's presence was expanded with a lecture by ROADPOL President-of-Honor Paolo Cestra who dived into the depths of revolutionary use of augmented and virtual reality in training of traffic police personnel. 78 experts and stakeholders took part in the event aimed at global road safety leader ROADPOL sharing knowledge and experience towards elevating Saudi traffic safety strategy.


"It is crucial for countries to come together and work towards creating safer roads for all. Road accidents and fatalities are a global issue that require a collective effort to address. By sharing knowledge, best practices, and technological advancements, countries can learn from one another and implement effective measures to reduce road accidents. Cooperation with NAIF Arab University for Security Sciences was a great idea and a fantastic initiative. The conference was a sound venue to exchange information between Arabic countries and European ones”, Mrs. Zsinkai commented.

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“One way to enhance international cooperation is through the exchange of information and data. Collaborating on research and development can lead to innovative technologies and strategies to improve road safety. Regular meetings, conferences, and workshops can serve as platforms for countries to come together, discuss challenges, and devise action plans. I think NAIF University is doing a great job in sharing road safety not just in the Arabic countries but worldwide promoting cooperation among road safety experts and stakeholders from all over the world” said ROADPOL’s GenSec, Mrs. Veic.