ROADPOL Starting Western Balkan

Expansion With North Macedonia


soobrakjajna policija avtopat kontrola 2008 janevska ilieva 26PHOTO: МVR.GOV.MK30 SEP – ROADPOL started its long-awaited Western Balkan enlargement with the accession of North Macedonia to its ranks.

The news came after a fruitful meeting of representatives of the European Roads Policing Network and the national police service of North Macedonia at ROADPOL's recent meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria in September.


The process of North Macedonia joining ROADPOL was initiated and swiftly navigated by fresh ROADPOL Operational Working Group chairman Chief Commissioner Mrs. Jana Pelešková of the Police of the Czech Republic. The negotiation proceedings went smoothly and in a manner of cooperation and mutual respect, both sides informed. North Macedonian delegation was led by officers Gorancho Petrovski and Maja Arsovska-Manov of the Unit for Traffic Affairs and Prevention at the Uniformed police department in North Macedonia. The sides came to an agreement that North Macedonia will join ROADPOL with immediate effect with Mr. Petrovski taking a seat at the ROADPOL Council and Mrs. Arsovska-Manov becoming member of the ROADPOL Operational Working Group.


“We are very pleased to welcome North Macedonia among the ROADPOL members. I am absolutely convinced that our Macedonian colleagues can enrich ROADPOL with their knowledge and experience and we at ROADPOL can learn a lot from them. Every country has it own unique approach to fighting for enhanced road safety because conditions vary. This is the rationale behind ROADPOL as a network dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices. We all have something to learn from the rest on the table”, said General Secretary Sanja Veic. Macedonian representatives expressed their eagerness to participate actively in the activities of the network. ROADPOL's Western Balkan enlargement has been eyed since the arrival of new management represented by Mrs. Veic and President Elvira Zsinkai. Since their taking the wheel of the organization Ireland has renewed its suspended membership and Slovakia has become a member.