ROADOL GenSec Presenting Before

EU High-Level Group On Road Safety


IMG 20230619 WA0002Mrs. Veic talked about investment in road safety enforcement measures.22 JUN - ROADPOL and the importance of EU support to road traffic rule enforcement were key lines of ROADPOL General Secretary Sanja Veic participation in the latest meeting of the EU High Level Group on Road Safety in Brussels.


An observer to the influential group, Mrs. Veic made a presentation about the mission and strategy of the European Roads Policing Network. Later she shared her profound insight at a workshop focused on EU's support to road traffic rule enforcement and especially on the opportunities of smart investment in road safety measures. She talked about investment in enforcement based on ROADPOL experience.


Participants were informed about the opportunities of investing in road safety with the European Investment Bank. After a presentation by the Bank the attendees learned more about EIB Transport Sector Lending and the new Orientations for Road Safety. Later case studies on Road Safety & Innovative Transport were presented and light was shed on lessons learned. Representatives of EIB taught participants about the details of preparing an effective project proposal towards the EIB and leveraging advisory support with the Safer Transport Platform. A following discussion featured topics such as the needs of member states in the area of road safety enforcement infrastructure, the support in national budgets for it and the opportunities of using EIB financial resources for support of such measures.


According to Mrs. Veic investing in road safety enforcement infrastructure, systems and equipment is key, since it not only helps in reducing the number of crashes, but also ensures the safety of all road users. Examples are various tools available that can aid in enforcing road safety regulations effectively such as surveillance cameras, speed cameras, breathalyzer tests and drug detection equipment. “Investment in modern technology and providing necessary tools to law enforcement agencies will help ensure that roads are safer for all road users”, Mrs. Veic commented

During the meeting examples of good enforcement practices contributing to safety were presented. The program featured a French system for automated fine processing, a Polish survey on the increase of sanctions and its impact on violation rate as well as a Lithuanian analysis of rollout of automated speed detection systems.