Polish facts and recommendations:


In 2019 on the roads of lubelski region occured 1150 road accidents, in which 171 people were killed and 1244 injured. Those statistics include accidents with motorcycles and bikes.
The main causes of traffic accidents are still the same: inadequate speed to traffic conditions, incorrect overtaking or forcing the right of way.  During last year 120 motorcycles took part in the road accidents. 12 motorcyclists died on the roads of lubelski region and 102 were injured. Drinking motorcyclists were involved in the 8 accidents. The main reason for accidents caused by motorcyclists was too high speed . Despite the current situation and the outbreak of the coronavirus, we must remember about road safety and proper road behaviour.

Many accidents involving motorcyclists are caused by drivers who did not notice them. Therefore, when riding a two-wheeler, we must ensure that we are visible. Instead of buying a black helmet, it's worth choosing a bright one. Fluorescent inserts in a jacket, pants or shoes will make you notice faster on the road. We should pay attention on the others uprotected road users – pedestrians. Let’s give them priority on the pedestrians crossings and try to convince others that motorcyclists are cultural on the roads. We, motorcyclists, should remember about indicators and mirrors. We should anticipate all possible traffic situations.
PolandIn 2019 bikers were involved into 172 road accidents, 22 of them were killed and 145 injured. Drink bikers took part into 14 accidents.
When starting the season, remember to properly equip your bike. A properly equipped bicycle should have: one white position light on the front; one red reflector on the back, at least one effective brake and an audible signal. It is also good to use reflective elements - they can be permanently attached to the bicycle or placed on the clothing of cyclists. Reflective elements make us visible, which, of course, more secure. Road traffic law imposes an obligation on a cyclist to use a bicycle road or bicycle lane if it is designated for the direction in which he is moving or intends to turn. The bicycle riders using the road for bicycles and pedestrians is obliged to exercise extreme caution and give way to pedestrians.
Regulations allow a cyclist to ride on the sidewalk when: he/she looks after a person under 10 years of age riding a bicycle, the width of the pavement along the road on which traffic is allowed at a speed greater than 50 km/h is at least 2 m and there is no separate road for of bicycles and the lane for bicycles as well as weather conditions threaten the safety of the cyclist on the road (snow, strong wind, heavy rain, black ice, thick fog). At the same time, the bicycle rider, when using the sidewalk or pedestrian path, is obliged to ride slowly, exercise extreme caution and give way to pedestrians.
Police officers appeal to all road users to exercise extreme caution and comply with applicable laws. Let us also remember that lack of understanding and mutual respect is another adverse factor affecting the safety of road users. Regardless of the mode of transport we use, we all want the same - get there safely.