Norway To Pursue Speeders

With New Cameras



norway speedThe new cameras show gреater performance than previous equipment.                       PHOTO: POLITIET.NO19 FEB - Norwegian Road Traffic Police (UP) and the police districts are to start using a completely new laser meter to stop speeding drivers.

The new equipment in the police toolbox for measuring speed offenders is called LaserCam 4. A total of 200 new speed meters have been purchased and will be distributed among UP patrols and police districts.


Among other things, the new laser speed meter has a camera that shows the target area, allowing for quality assurance of the measurements. The camera also makes it possible to document the measurement with a picture or video. The algorithm used in the instrument provides very accurate results, the Police say. „The video function is very important with regard to legal certainty. The camera documents the measurement situation and excludes sweep measurement. The police can present documented measurement in any legal proceedings, in addition to the service person's explanation“, explains former ROADPOL Council member and current UP chief Knut Smedsrud.


The range of the new laser is significantly better than the one of previous equipment. It has a maximum measuring distance of up to 2.4 kilometers. After testing, the police have chosen to set the measuring distance at 30 to 500 meters to ensure reliability and accuracy. „Being able to measure shorter distances provides increased capacity in densely populated areas and school routes“, says Smedsrud.

NO Knut SmedsrudKnut SmedsrudAccording to the Police, the new laser has undergone extensive testing before replacing the current laser meters. This is important to ensure optimal performance under all different conditions such as dark surroundings and different distances.


According to the UP, 24 lives could be saved annually in traffic and 85 fewer severely injured if everyone obeyed the speed limit. „One of UP's main tasks is to conduct speed checks to prevent serious traffic accidents. It is important that the equipment we use is technologically updated. Today's laser is being phased out because the current supplier no longer performs repairs and service on these“, says Smedsrud.


Fines for speeding were adjusted upwards from February 1st. The highest speeding fine for 36-40 kilometers per hour above the speed limit in 90-, 100- or 110-zones was from 15,100 crowns (1336 EUR) to 15,850 crowns (1403 EUR). The penalty for talking on a handheld mobile phone has gone from a four-digit amount to now costing 902 EUR.