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ROADPOL Newsletter October 2023

ROADPOL Newsletter October 2023

                                                                           ‍23 October 2023 ‍ ‍ ‍|

The ZERO Reached in 12 Countries


41% Drop In Road Fatalities During ROADPOL Safety Days



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The October 2023  

ROADPOL Newsletter



Dear followers,


this edition is dedicated to the results of our flagship road safety awareness campaign the ROADPOL Safety Days. Once again we proved that with the joined effort of all road user groups and through comprehensible community approach and institutional backup road fatalities can be drastically reduced. But still once again we found out there is a lot more work to be done until the sacred ZERO is achieved.


Read on to find out also how the 2023 ROADPOL Conference and Exhibition in Sofia unravelled.


Next you can find out news on the latest regular ROADPOL management reshuffling. At our latest ROADPOL meeting in Sofia we bid farewell to colleagues who have given years of their efforts to ROADPOL and welcomed the advance of the next generation.


Also, you may see how the strength of ROADPOL increased with the accession of yet another member country.


ROADPOL has not let loose on its effort to achieve police access to the computers of the future automated vehicles for the sake of effective road crash investigations. Here you will find an interesting piece on this.

Enjoy your reading!


Yours Sincerely,


Sanja Veic

ROADPOL General Secretary

20230921 094711 0112 European countries registered ZERO road fatalities at the control day of the 2023 ROADPOL Safety Days campaign.

The news came after final completion of data received from 32 ROADPOL member countries of which 29 took active part in the European Roads Policing Network's flagship annual campaign. It was carried out in the week of 16-22 September with the goal of achieving the ZERO for at least one single day.

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viber image 2023 10 19 18 54 56 907ROADPOL Delivers

1st Conference and Expo

To Acclaim


The European Roads Policing Network delivered its 1st ROADPOL Conference and Exposition on September 27th in Sofia, Bulgaria to undisputed triumph.

The case marked the first time ROADPOL organized an event of this scale after its incorporation in 2019 with experience used from previous conferences held in past years by the predecessor network – TISPOL. The event was co-organized by ROADPOL and the host Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and was staged at the John Atanassov Innovation Forum Hall at the Sofia Tech Park Complex.

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Czech Pelešková Takes Helm

Of ROADPOL Operations


NEwChief Commissioner Jana Pelešková from Czech Republic is the new head of the ROADPOL Operational Working Group.

She was elected chairman of the body planning and overseeing the network's road safety enforcement activities at the recent ROADPOL OPG meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on September 26th. Read more

ROADPOL Starting Western Balkan

Expansion With North Macedonia


soobrakjajna policija avtopat kontrola 2008 janevska ilieva 26ROADPOL started its long-awaited Western Balkan enlargement with the accession of North Macedonia to its ranks.

The news came after a fruitful meeting of representatives of the European Roads Policing Network and the national police service of North Macedonia at ROADPOL's recent meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria in September.

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Orben Sept 23 Police ChiefROADPOL Brings

Future Cars

Data Access Issue

To IACP Audience


ROADPOL brought its fight for allowing automated vehicle data access to police authorities to the audience of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Recently an article on the issue by ROADPOL ex-president Mr. Volker Orben was published in the latest edition of the IACP “Police Chief” magazine. Earlier this year together with the European Association for Accident Research and Analysis (EVU) and global leader in vehicle inspection DEKRA ROADPOL urgently called on the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to act on specific legislation to grant data access to automated vehicles of the future for the sake of effective police road crash investigations. Read full article

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