Jana Pelešková Takes The Helm

Of ROADPOL Operations


NEw                                                               Henk Jansen greeting Jana Pelešková (center) on her accession with President Elvira Zsinkai (left) and Marijke Eskes (right) looking on. PHOTO: ROADPOL30 SEP - Chief Commissioner Jana Pelešková from Czech Republic is the new head of the ROADPOL Operational Working Group.

She was elected chairman of the body planning and overseeing the network's road safety enforcement activities at the recent ROADPOL OPG meeting held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on September 26th.


Mrs. Pelešková works as a police officer at the Directorate of the Traffic Police Service of the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic. Her main task is statistics and analysis of traffic crashes and international cooperation in the field of traffic police. Mrs. Pelešková started working for the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic in 2006, focusing mainly on international cooperation, then also on economic activities. She joined the Police Presidium in 2009. Of all the police activities, the traffic police is the closest to her and has been serving at the Directorate since 2016. Mrs. Pelešková graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. She has been a member of TISPOL/ROADPOL since 2016. As stipulated by ROADPOL Constitution as chief of OPG Mrs. Pelešková will also be ex officio member of ROADPOL Executive Council.


Pelešková's accession was triggered by the retirement of long-time ROADPOL OPG Chair Marijke Eskes from the Dutch National Police. Chief Inspector Marijke Eskes has more than 30 years of experience in leadership within the Dutch police force. She retired as chief of the Infrastructure department of the regional police unit Central Netherlands. Mrs. Eskes joined Tispol/Roadpol in 2015 and later headed the OPG.

Мrs. Eskes has more than 30 years of police experince behind her.Emotion

The management reshuffle was marked by an emotional ceremony at the latest OPG meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria. ROADPOL President Elvira Zsinkai and General Secretary Sanja expressed gratitude and respect towards the tremendous amount of work Mrs. Eskes accomplished throughout her streak at the helm of the OPG. Not without a sparkle in their eyes they wished her success in her future endeavors while granting her the honorary sign of ROADPOL for achievements in the sphere of road safety. “You will be severely missed, but you will always remain a friend and a top-rated road safety expert the network can count on for advise and counsel”, said President Zsinkai. At the same time ROADPOL management welcomed the elevation of Mrs. Pelešková wishing her success in filling Mrs. Eskes' shoes. “It's a duty and an honor for me to succeed Mrs. Eskes as chair of ROADPOL Operational Working Group. I am looking forward to working with all the colleagues from the different ROADPOL member police forces in order to advance ROADPOL's enforcement activities. Enforcement is at the core of ROADPOL and it is our task to perform it effectively, because everyday life, health and safety of people are at stake on our roads”, said Mr. Pelešková. She will also take over the task of Secretary to the OPG, a position now relinquished by Henk Jansen of the Dutch Police.


ROADPOL Operational Working Group (OPG) assists the ROADPOL Council with organizing and holding the ROADPOL pan European enforcement operations - TRUCK & BUS, SEATBELT, SPEED including the 24-hour SPEED MARATHON, ALCOHOL & DRUGS including the 24-hour ALCOHOL & DRUGS MARATHON, FOCUS ON THE ROAD. ROADPOL also supports the SAFE HOLIDAY campaign which is optional for member states. The OPG coordinates operations, collects and publishes results. The group also focuses on operational issues to provide support to the Council and exchange of best practices within the ROADPOL network. The members of the OPG meet twice a year to discuss progress and developments in traffic.


Lux Andre SchaackAndre SchaackROADPOL's latest meeting in Sofia also saw the departure of long time TISPOL/ROADPOL operative Volker Orben - former ROADPOL president and recently member of ROADPOL Executive Committee and ROADPOL Council. At the table of ROADPOL Executive Council Mr. Orben will be replaced by Council member Andre Schaack, chief of road police of Luxembourg. The German seat in the Council will be taken by Uwe Albers, chief of road police of the German federal state ot Lower Saxony. Sofia meeting was also marked by a reshuffle of the Dutch representation at ROADPOL Council with Paul Broer retiring to leave the seat to Willybert Oor, National Project Leader for road and traffic policing at the Dutch Police.