Dutch Anti-distraction MONOcam

Gaining Attention Abroad


Controle 4                         The delegation from Luxembourg observing MONOcam working in the field. PHOTOS: POLITIE.NL

14 AUG - The innovative anti-distraction MONOcam device, developed by Dutch Police, is gaining international attention within ROADPOL's network.

The Police in the Netherlands have been using the MONOcam for two years now. With this camera the police can check whether a driver of a vehicle is holding a mobile phone, even if device is held lower behind the steering wheel.


"This means of enforcement was developed by the police themselves, because the number of drivers who drove with a phone in hand increased sharply and we wanted to counter this infamous road traffic risk as soon as possible. Because there were hardly any such systems for sale at that time, we decided to build it ourmselves", said ROADPOL Council member and Dutch Traffic police chief Paul Broer.

dc734d98 da48 11eb 96ca 0217670beecdMONOcam captures offenders from up above.


The use of the camera has been attracting lots of international attention from police forces who want to know everything about it. Lately a delegation of the police and ministries from Luxembourg visited the Netherlands to assess the MONOcam at work and see it with their own eyes. The delegation was led by André Schaack, ROADPOL Council member and Chief of Luxembourg Traffic Police. At the office of the Traffic Police team of the Central Netherlands police unit they first received information about the development and operation of the MONOcam, Dutch legislation and legal context of using the system and the automated prosecution and collection process. The guests were able to see how the MONOcam is set up and operated in practice on an overpass above a highway - the method allowing the device to capture mobile phones even if hid low below the dashboard of vehicles.

"At the moment it is not yet possible for the Dutch Police to make the knowledge of the camera available abroad. Discussions about this are ongoing and as soon as there is more news to report on this, we will announce it withing the frame of ROADPOL network", concluded Broer.