This is a ROADPOL country driving guide to help drivers visiting Slovenia.

Visitor Information: 

  • Slovenia is situated in southern Central Europe.
  • It stands bordered by Italy in the west, the Adriatic Sea in the southwest, Croatia in the south and east, Hungary in the northeast, and Austria in the north.
  • Slovenia has a coastline on the Adriatic Sea of 46.6 kilometres
  •  Its population is just over two million.
  • Around 1,275,000 people have driving licences.
  • There are 1,355, 000 registered vehicles and a total road length of 6, 414,179 km.
  • Mt. Triglav, towering to a height of 2864 m, forms the highest peak in the Slovenian Alps. It is also represented on Slovenia's national coat of arms.
  • Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia on 25 June 1991.
  • The International vehicle ID code is SLO

Collision & Breakdown Information: 

  • Use the emergency line and switch on all four car indicators. You can call the emergency centre on the telephone number, 112. When you step out of the car, you should wear a reflective jacket and put a safety triangle on the road.
  • You should exchange the data with other drivers involved in the collision (driving licence, registration card, insurance policy) and fill up the European report of traffic accident. You should call the police if someone is injured in a traffic accident.

Useful Phrase 1 - English: 

Call the Police!

Useful Phrase 1 - Destination: 

Poklici policijo!

Useful Phrase 2 - English: 

Do you speak English?

Useful Phrase 2 - Destination: 

Govorite anglesko?

Useful Phrase 3 - English: 

I need your help.

Useful Phrase 3 - Destination: 

Potrebujem vaso pomoc.

Useful Phrase 4 - English: 

May I park here?

Useful Phrase 4 - Destination: 

Ali lahko parkiram tu?

Useful Phrase 5 - English: 

I am lost.

Useful Phrase 5 - Destination: 

Izgubila sem se.

Useful Phrase 6 - English: 

Thank you.

Useful Phrase 6 - Destination: 

Hvala lepa.

Road Traffic Policing: 

  • Slovenia has a Vignette system for motorway travel. Vignettes are available for weekly, monthly or yearly periods, and can be purchased at petrol stations and Slovenian Motorway Company (DARS) offices in Slovenia as well as outlets in neighbouring countries near the Slovene border.
  • Police have the authority to detain the most serious offenders for up to 12 hours and confiscate the vehicles of the most problematic law-breaking repeat offenders and those who have already committed three serious offences in the past two years

Road Traffic Enforcement: 

  • The Vignette is compulsory for vehicles under 3.5 tonnes in weight. The police and DARS officials monitor motorway use, and stop motorists who do not have a Vignette. Failure to have or display a Vignette will lead to an on-the spot fine of up to 800 euros.
  • During winter conditions, all vehicles must be equipped with either winter tyres, or have snow chains and radial tyres with at least 3mm tread depth. You can be fined 120 euros for not having this equipment, or 400 euros if you cause a delay on the road for the same reason

Individual limits and specific driving requirements: 

For more information about driving in Slovenia please see the European Commission Road Safety Link - 'Going Abroad':