This is a ROADPOL country driving guide to help drivers visiting Austria.

Visitor Information: 

  • The population of Austria is approximately 8,5 million.
  • Neighbouring countries:  Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.
  • The international vehicle identity plate is 'A'.
  • Austria has nearly 6.5 million registered vehicles thereof approximately  4,7  million vehicles are  passenger cars.
  • Within the total network of roads, which covers approximately 125.000 kilometres, 2.200 road kilometres are maintained as motorways and expressways.

Collision & Breakdown Information: 

In a collision, stop the vehicle immediately.  Call the Police when someone got injured in the accident. You can also call the Police in case nobody got injured (accident with material damage only) if it is not possible to exchange data (name, address, insurance) with the other accident parties.  The accident scene has to be secured.  Help injured persons or get some help. Support the fact-finding of the accident.
In case of material damage only fill in the European accident report, exchange name, address and insurance with the accident parties. When you wish to see the Police even though name and address have been exchanged with the accident parties, a charge of Euro 36,-- has to be paid to the Police.

In a vehicle breakdown, drive the vehicle to the lane for mechanical breakdowns and position a warning triangle.  Call the breakdown service or solve the problem with the vehicle.
Leave a vehicle on motorways or expressways only by wearing a reflective vest.

Useful Phrase 1 - English: 

Call the Police!

Useful Phrase 1 - Destination: 

Rufen Sie die Polizei!

Useful Phrase 2 - English: 

Do you speak English?

Useful Phrase 2 - Destination: 

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Useful Phrase 3 - English: 

My car has broken down.

Useful Phrase 3 - Destination: 

Ich habe eine Autopanne.

Useful Phrase 4 - English: 

Where is the nearest fuel station?

Useful Phrase 4 - Destination: 

Wo ist die nächste Tankstelle?

Useful Phrase 5 - English: 

I am lost!

Useful Phrase 5 - Destination: 

ich habe mich verirrt!

Useful Phrase 6 - English: 

Thank you!

Useful Phrase 6 - Destination: 


Road Traffic Policing: 

  • child restraint systems and seat belt
  • helmet
  • winter tyres
  • reflective vest, warning devices and dressing material (first aid kit)
  • road toll (vignette) sticker (time dependent  up to 3,5 t; kilometers traveled dependent  > 3,5 t)
  • emergency corridor on motorways and expressways in case of a traffic congestion (foresighted)
  • demerit point system – measure against risky drivers
  • tightened sanctions for alcohol offences and speed offences
  • alcohol screening devices
  • radar, laser, section speed control

Road Traffic Enforcement: 

  • Violations against the regulations of the road traffic act are enforced by the competent traffic authority of the federal states. Penalty ranges are determined in the legal regulations for road traffic. In Austria law enforcement officers are authorised to fine certain violations on the spot. Therefore, they have a special catalogue where the offences and the amount of the fines are determined.

Individual limits and specific driving requirements: 

For more information about driving in Austria please see the European Commission Road Safety Link - 'Going Abroad':