Crash Kills Italian Road Policeman On Shift


An Italian road policeman was killed in a crash while on shift.tuscano1Maurizio Tuscano

On the 11th of December Maurizio Tuscano, assistant chief coordinator of the Amaro traffic police was just leaving after a crash scene investigation, when he was hit by a vehicle between Udine Nord and Gemona, on the A23.

Maurizio was still holding the folder with his notes. At 58 years of age he leaves behind a mourning wife and a 25-year old son. Condolences to them were paid by Head of the State Sergio Mattarella, Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese and Head of Police Lamberto Giannini. They also expressed support to Maurizio's colleagues who shared numerous shifts on the motorway with him as well as the constant dangers of their indispensable service. His sacrifice will be an example for all the women and men of the State Police who work every day to ensure the safety of citizens, the State Police press unit noted.

Maurizio Tuscano is the fourth road policeman killed in service this year in Italy.