Belgian Police Revokes 500

Licenses Due To Phone Use


Distraction Au Volant2The control action was carried out for two days. PHOTO: POLICE.BE23 MAY - 2,387 offenses were recorded and 503 licenses revoked as a result of Belgian federal and local police forces latest controls against distracted driving.

For 48 hours, the Federal Highway Police and 110 Local Police zones carried out control actions throughout Belgium. The purpose was to fight against distracted driving, a phenomenon that is believed to be the cause of a quarter of road crashes in Belgium.


A total of 2,387 violations were recorded. 2,331 of them concerned the use of mobile phones while driving, and 114 other forms of distraction. In some boroughs, the prosecution has ordered the immediate revocation of the license of a total of 503 offenders.

B Koen RicourKoen RicourAim

Society and technologies evolve with the excesses that may result from them. With this action at the level of the Integrated Police, we are showing that the police are not to be outdone and that we are adapting to accident-prone phenomena. Distracted driving is the cause of many accidents. Through this action, which combines awareness and repression, we want to make road users aware of the risks they take both for themselves and for others”, commented Director of Federal Highway Police and ROADPOL Council member, Divisional Commissioner Koen Ricour.