35 Modern Motorbikes Handed

To Croatian Road Police


Q DSC 70632 MAR - Croatian traffic police has been advanced with a fresh batch of 35 most modern motorcycles.

Motorcycles were purchased with funds from the National Road Traffic Safety Plan and distributed to 19 police administrations where they will be used for traffic police work and to the Police Academy for training police officers.


The handover of 35 of the latest BMW motorcycle models, worth €1,021,199.38, which will be used to increase traffic safety on Croatian roads, was held at the Police Directorate in Zagreb. The handover is a continuation of the renewal of the traffic police fleet through the National Road Traffic Safety Plan. Thus, in May 2022, 31 modern BMW motorcycles were handed over to traffic police officers - motorcyclists, while in November 2022, 12 traffic control vehicles were also delivered.

Since these are the latest models of motorcycles, they are technically more refined and of better quality than those used by police officers in previous years, which confirms the intention of the Ministry of the Interior to increase the safety of police officers, but also to reduce maintenance costs due to the increased exploitation of vehicles, the ministry announced.

Q DSC 7386Innovation

An innovation compared to earlier models is the new configuration of the communication system in such a way that the police radio is connected wirelessly to a microphone and a speaker in the police officer's protective helmet, thus ensuring the communication process in a very safe and ergonomic way, both while riding the motorcycle and during communication with citizens.


The motorcycles were procured through the National Road Traffic Safety Plan of the Republic of Croatia for the year 2022 through a public tender procedure for the procurement of 82 vehicles with a total value of €3,800,440.31. Motorcycles are considered the best means of traffic police work since they are the most mobile means of transport for police officers. They are irreplaceable in situations that require urgency, especially when arriving at the scene of a traffic accident or when regulating traffic, but also when successfully catching traffic violators motorcyclists included.


Q DSC 7190Božinović speaking at the event. PHOTOS: MUP.HRVice-President of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Dr. sc. Davor Božinović pointed out the purchase of vehicles as one of the important items in achieving the greatest possible safety in traffic on the roads of the Republic of Croatia, especially in view of the fact that Croatia is a tourist country. "We all expect a greater number of arrivals this year due to the fact that from January 1, Croatia entered both the Schengen zone and the Eurozone, and it is to be expected that there will be more vehicles arriving throughout the whole year. In order to welcome all our guests, the police is also preparing itself”, said Božinović. He stated that statistics show a positive trend in the number of traffic fatalities: "Unfortunately, it is still the large number of people who die on our roads, however, the 6% reduction in fatal accidents in conditions when more than 30% more personal and other vehicles came from abroad than the year before, is testimony that a quality job is being done".