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ROADPOL Newsletter September 2023

ROADPOL Newsletter September 2023

                                                                           ‍19 December 2023 ‍ ‍|

14 Presenters and 19 Exhibitors Expected in Sofia, Bulgaria



1st Conference and Expo


Sanja 02.02.2022 300 Welcome To            

The September 2023  

ROADPOL Newsletter




Dear followers,

it is just hard to choose which one of our flagship events deserves to be the lead of this months newsletter.


September is the month of our unique annual ROADPOL Safety Days (16-22 September) awareness campaign. It is aimed at reducing road fatalities to ZERO for at least one single day thus rendering it possible to keep like this on any day to come.


Concurrently we are staging the 1st ROADPOL Conference and Exhibition - an illustrious event affirming ROADPOL as a network of knowledge and perpetual excellence in the fight for enhanced road safety.


Nevertheless ROADPOL keeps enforcement at its core so take a look at the results of our latest Speed operation.


Also here you can find interesting developments on tackling professional drivers deficit in Europe as well as imposing the 30 km/h speed limit in residential areas in yet another country.


Take a look also at the amazing results our colleagues in Belgium achieved in the fight against drink driving.


Last not least, read our report on the latest Traffic Police championship in the Czech republic. 


Enjoy your reading!


Yours Sincerely,

Sanja Veic

ROADPOL General Secretary

This September Do Not Forget!

Many Fonts. One Hashtag

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347122588 925857428653508 6958680290189911921 nThe European Roads Policing Network is to hold its 1st ROADPOL Conference and Exposition.

It is the first time ROADPOL organizes an event of this scale after its incorporation in 2019 with previous conferences held in past years by the predecessor network – TISPOL. The event will be co-organized by ROADPOL and the host Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and is scheduled to be carried out on the 27th September in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference and expo will be staged at the John Atanassov Innovation Forum Hall at the Sofia Tech Park Complex. Read more

Lasercontrole snelwegROADPOL Catches Half A Million Speeders

In A Giant Operation


More than half a million speeding offences were caught by ROADPOL teams in the latest giant Speed operation spanning throughout Europe.

14 countries took part in the international speed operation, which is the second for this year. Read more

Serbia Lowering Age Threshold

To Curb Heavy Drivers Deficit


363840245 814410473578170 707184644906313955 nSerbia is to allow 18-year olds to obtain professional drivers licences and drive buses and heavy trucks.

The National Assembly amended the Road Traffic Safety Act bringing about a significant change on the driver labor market.

Read more

Wales Reducing Speed Limit To 32 km/h

In Residential Areas359801740 658656529632097 5839560422131233525 n


Wales has become the first country in the UK to reduce speed limits in built-up areas from 30mph to 20mph in Wales from today, the BBC announced.

Welsh ministers said a 20mph (32km/h) limit would reduce deaths and noise and encourage people to walk or cycle.

Read more

Czech Traffic Police Staff Tested In

ViewImageA Nationwide Contest


Czech Traffic Police tested their strength and skills in an impressive nationwide competition.

The contest was held in the region of Olomouc and gathered the best of the best in numerous exciting battles and tests on professional knowledge.

Read more

Belgium Stuns With A Record-Breaking

Drink Driving images0.persgroep



Another record number of drivers checked for alcohol was broken by Belgium's Federal and Local police forces.

The authorities checked close to 360,000 drivers during the summer BOB campaign results of which were recently published. This represents a new increase in the number of tests carried out (322,000 tests in 2022). Read more

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