Press conference

Invitation to online press conference

Kick-off event for the ROADPOL Safety Days


ROADPOL invites you to an event and press conference to open the 2020 ROADPOL Safety Days.
ROADPOL is a network of European traffic police forces. Led by senior police officers, ROADPOL is primarily committed to reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on European roads. Our members are the traffic police forces of various European countries, but we are open for countries outside Europe as well, because there should not be borders for saving lives.


• Statements by Mr Volker Orben, ROADPOL President and Mrs Nicole Steingaß, State Secretary of Home Affairs and Sports, Rhineland-Palatinate.

• Livestream from a roadside safety check.
• Panel discussion on road safety, featuring:
     o Matthew Baldwin, European Commission, Deputy Director-General of DG MOVE
     o Jonathon Passmore, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, Programme Manager - Violence and Injury Prevention
     o Ellen Townsend, European Transport Safety Council, Policy Director
     o Nora Guitet, Michelin, Corporate Public Affairs


When: Wed 16 Sep 2020 14:00 – 15:00 (CEST) Brussels, Belgium Time



For media queries, or to request dedicated media access to the press conference, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or register directly via

We look forward to your support in making the event successful.



Eltis_video.jpgIn support of the ROADPOL Safety Days, Eltis (in cooperation with ROADPOL and the European Commission) made a video clip summarizing what it is about and how you can participate. Please share the video clip to raise awareness.

You can find the video here:

POLAND - Safest Young Driver competition


The third edition of the Safest Young Driver competition has started

For young drivers who want to test their knowledge about the road traffic, as well as promote safe driving, the Polish Motor Association, together with its partners, organized a competition entitled "The Safest Young Driver".

The content partner of the project is the Road Traffic Bureau of the National Police Headquarters.2020 08 13 PL 2

Any driver aged 18-26 can take part in the competition (in previous editions the age range was 18-24). All you have to do is visit the website:


read the regulations and solve the test consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions until August 21, 2020.

The questions cover the following topics:
• road traffic regulations,
• first aid,
• the biggest threaths in the road traffic safety,
• eco-driving,
• behavior in critical situations.

2020 08 13 PL 330 people who correctly answered the largest number of questions in the shortest time will be selected for further eliminations. The semi-final of the competition - a test of practical skills, will be held on August 30, 2020 at Tor Poznań.
The two initial stages of the competition will allow for the selection of 3 national winners, while the final entitled "FIA Region I International Best Young Driver" will already have a European rank. This year, it will be organized in Poland, on October 17, 2020, at Tor Modlin. 

2020 08 13 PL 4


link to website





Stopped on motorway A1 drunk truck driver speeding 110 km/h


The Traffic Police, last night, on the A1 motorway, intercepted and stopped a foreigner truck driver who was living1 in Italy, completely drunk, luckily before he made any trouble.

It was around 10.30 p.m. of the 25 august 2020 when at the Traffic Police Control Room (COPS) in Florence received a phone call from an alarmed employee of the Service Station who reported a drunk driver, heedless of invitations not to do so, was about to leave with his truck on direction Florence.

Immediately, the COPS warned the Traffic Police patrols on the motorway, providing color, type and number plate of the vehicle, which the citizen had very appropriately noted.
Even before the officers of the Traffic Police - Subsection of Arezzo were able to intercept him, COPS itself received another phone call from a terrified person who reported that a truck had just pass his vehicle at a speed of over 110 km/h and with a not right driving behavior.
2It was not easy for the Traffic Police patrol to stop the truck, but after a few attempts they managed to do so.
The truck driver, a foreigner living in Italy and employed by Italian Company, could not even speak: he had a alcohol level of 2.13 g/l and his driving-licence was immediately withdrawn, he was reported to the Court-Prosecutor for the crime of drunk driving and truck was seized.
The Traffic Police underlines the importance that the cooperation with the citizens was of fundamental importance to avoid disastrous consequences.

ROADPOL Online Seminar 29.07.2020



First ROADPOL online-Seminar was a full success

Due to the situation the regular annual seminar had to be exchanged to an online version. With support of CEPOL, who allowed to use their techology, we were able to provide interesting topics to a greater audience: more than 50 participants registered to the session and gained actual information about the impact of COVID in Italia and what lessons can be learned, the strategic approach of Luxemburg towards PTW, a case study regarding investigation after a fatal crash using digital evidence and the current state of a research project for early detection of dangerous areas in road traffic using smart data.


The presentations are ready for downloading for those who did not find the time to participate.

1. Paolo Cestra (Italy): COVID-19: Impacts on traffic safety work

2. Federica Deledda (Italy): COVID impact on traffic safety

3. Project presentation EDDA+ (Italy)

4. André Schaack (Luxembourg): Strategic approach PTW in Luxembourg

5. Ulrich Bux and Klaus Kasten (Germany): From fatal Crash to premediated Murder by Evaluation of digital Evidence

Actally we are planning to purchase a similar programme to be able to conduct such ROADPOL online-seminars in the future.