Grim Mood After Estonia Unveils

2022 Road Safety Stats


308432144 5576421142404771 2060472829289671634 n50 people were killed on the roads of Estonia in 2022. PHOTO: POLICE.EE9 JAN – Estonia is among the first EU countries to publish preliminary 2022 road safety statistics and the conclusions are far from optimistic.

The traffic picture has improved over the years, but not enough, informed the Estonian Police and Border Control Service.

ROADPOL General Secretary Sanja Veic:


We Need More Cooperation

With Partners On The Field


I Want To See Тhe Organization Going Back To The Basics Of Traffic Police Work



IMG 20220928 WA0005ropSanja Veic. PHOTO: ROADPOL MEDIA19 DEC – It's been three months since Croatian police professional Sanja Veic took office as the European Roads Policing Network General Secretary.

Mrs. Veic has taken active part in ROADPOL's development for more than a decade before taking the role of a chief executive representative of the association. ROAPDOL Media caught up with her to find out more about her feelings on the new position, her vision for the organization and her immediate plans...

ROADPOL Operations Chief Briefing

EU on Truck & Bus Challenges


FjdNXvTXEAAiLSfMrs. Eskes addressing the audience in Brussels. PHOTO: ROADPOL15 DEC - Truck and Bus enforcement challenges were the centre of ROADPOL Operational Working Group Chief Marijke Eskes address at the 2022 EU Road Safety Results Conference, held on December 8th in Brussels.

Mrs. Eskes who is head of Traffic enforcement department of the Police in Central Netherlands district had a speech and later on took part in a panel discussion with experts from the European Commission and private businesses representatives.

Estonian Police Sending Black

Greetings To Heavy Offenders


must kaart esimene pool 202255 persistent road offenders caused 69 traffic crashes this year. PHOTO: POLITSEI.EE13 DEC - Christmas cards will soon start arriving in the mailbox of the heaviest traffic offenders in Estonia, the country's Police and Border Protection Agency informed.

551 black Christmas cards are to be sent to those drivers who have committed four or more traffic offenses through the past year.

New Drug Test To Detect Meth


1590749246577PHOTO: SECURETEC5 DEC - A new preliminary drug driving testing device, which can test for a greater range of drugs at the roadside is being under development potentially promising to enhance drug driving enforcement across Europe.

It works as an antigen test and can not only test for Cannabis, Cocaine, Benzodiazepines and Opiates, but also Amphetamine and Methamphetamine.