Curfews Bring Historic Drop In Road Fatalities


France TrafficPHOTO: INTERIEUR.GOUV.FR/SG/DICOM/F.PELLIER18 MARCH - A 20% drop in the number of road fatalities on an annual base was registered in France in February, estimates from the National Interministerial Road Safety Observatory (ONISR) show.

New Speed Marathon Logo UnveiledUntitled


ROADPOL's annual Speed Marathon will be carried out under a brand-new logo. The new design was unveiled and is set to be used for the upcoming event scheduled for April 21st.

“The new logo uses the visual of a speedometer. It represents the dynamic nature of speed while at the same time emphasizing on its illegality. This is achieved by facilitating the basic red hue from the ROADPOL brand logo. The new Speed Marathon logo aims at triggering a feeling of alarm in the target audience and conveying the message of the recklessness of speeding”, ROADPOL Communication manager Elena Dyankova explains.

1 in 4 Vehicle Occupants Killed

Did Not Buckle Up


13 MAR - Over a quarter of drivers and passengers killed in road traffic collisions were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, show provisional Garda statistics for 2020, published by Ireland's Road Safety Authority.

In 152870302 3966424810084301 4582283278506297117 oPHOTO: GARDA.IEnominal figures this is 22 car occupants without a seat belt of a total of 85 killed in 2020, or 26%. The statistics come against the backdrop of ROADPOL Operation Seat Belt carried out across Europe last week (8-14 March), results of which are further to be published.

Manipulating Tachographs On the Rise,

ROADPOL Truck&Bus Operation Reveals


LUX FEB 2020 191 PHOTO: POLICE.LU13 MAR - Maliciously manipulating tachographs is on the rise, results from the latest ROADPOL Truck&Bus Operation reveal.

In 4 255 cases the tachographs were not properly managed and in further 796 cases manipulations of digital tachographs were detected during the pan-European operation carried out from 8th to 15th February.

One In Three Teens Poor At Weighing Risk When Crossing

9 MARCH - Even at 14 years of age, one in three children are still poor at correctly weighing the risk ot street crossing and are prone to making wrong decisions, study by the Accident Research Center at the German Insurance Association shows.

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