Speed Marathon: Violation Rate Up 88%


Speeding violation rate increased 88%, results of ROADPOL's 2021 Speed Marathon show.

2.003.801 drivers were checked by 12.418 police officers in 16 countries during the annual 24-hour event of the European Roads Policing Network.

8600 Officers Enforce Cycling Rules

In An Operation Across Germany




SichermobillebenPHOTOS: POLIZEI UNTERFRANKEN8.600 police officers at 3.100 road checkpoints performed a nationwide enforcement operation on cycling in Germany.

One in Ten Admit To Regularly Texting While Driving


Norway 2PHOTO: POLITIET.NO1 in 10 motorists admit to regularly texting while driving, a new research from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) of Ireland show.

Mika Hakkinen To Be Ambassador For

The 2021 ROADPOL Safety Days


MIkaMika Hakkinen taking part in 2021 ROADPOL Safety Days campaign video.Double Formula 1 world champion Mika Hakkinen is to be an ambassador for the 2021 ROADPOL Safety Days campaign.

The news broke out at the campaign’s announcement event, carried out in Mainz, Germany and virtually hosted by member state Cyprus.

Future Car Black Boxes To Record Location,

Date and Time, ROADPOL Insists


1Location, date and time data are crucial for collision analysis. PHOTO: POLICJA.PL

30 MARCH - ROADPOL holds firm on its demand that future Event Data Recorders (EDR) should record location, time and date of events.

The stance was reiterated in a letter by ROADPOL’s President Volker Orben to European Commission’s Directorates-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW). The move was provoked by the forthcoming delegated act destined to implement the EU’s new General Safety Regulation (GSR) for motor vehicles.