Cyprus To Introduce

Airbags For Delivery Riders


iStock 12535014301The bill provides for an array of protective gear for professional riders. PHOTO: ISTOCK29 DEC - Delivery professionals, riding motorcycles or mopeds in Cyprus will need to be equipped with motorcycle airbags.

Spanish Police Forces To

Obtain 5,800 E-vehicles


Guardia MalkaROADPOL Member Guardia Civil will be one of the forces to take advantage of the purchase. PHOTO: ISTOCKROADPOL member Civil Guard will be one of two security forces in Spain to add a total of 5,882 electric cars to their fleets.

Thanks to an investment of 396 million euros, the Civil Guard and the National Police will incorporate the new vehicles by 2023. The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge will invest the money in order to place the National Police and the Civil Guard at the forefront of sustainability and energy efficiency.

French Gendarmerie Warns Of Gift Thieves


5431Most thefts happen at large parking lots. PHOTO: ISTOCKFrench Gendarmerie called citizens for caution when doing their Christmas shopping, so that they do not spoil their festive mood.

Surge In Cross-Channel Migration

Pressuring Belgian Highway Police


LodkimSmall boats used by migrants to cross the English Channel. PHOTO: ISTOCKThe growing number of migrants trying to cross the English Channel by small boats has seriously affected the everyday work of ROADPOL members, among which Belgian Highway Police.

Recently several cases of illegal migrant activity were detected by road police patrols. In two of the cases a vehicle was intercepted with life jackets for small boats in it.

Crash Kills Italian Road Policeman On Shift


An Italian road policeman was killed in a crash while on shift.tuscano1Maurizio Tuscano

On the 11th of December Maurizio Tuscano, assistant chief coordinator of the Amaro traffic police was just leaving after a crash scene investigation, when he was hit by a vehicle between Udine Nord and Gemona, on the A23.