Dear TISPOL Familiy and Friends,

after 20 years TISPOL members have decided to renew and give themselves a new and self-explanatory name. TISPOL  comes from former times, when the “Traffic Information System” in its first steps was an information exchange platform, meanwhile   it is a real network - aiming to much more than this.
Therefore we have given ourselves the name, which reflects our tasks even better:


ROADPOL – European Roads Policing Network


Being aware of other NGO’s of European Police Forces such as RAILPOL and AIRPOL, which have choosen self-explanatory names for their organisations, we now close the gap for the traffic mode on our European roads.

Our mission stays the same: “Crossing borders to save lives”. We will continue to devote our energy making Europe's roads safer.

Our well-known project, in which we invite the citizens of Europe to give their contribution for saving lifes in road traffic, recently known as “EDWARD”, will also continue, and will get as well a self-explanatory name, which will be published accordingly.

We thank everyone who has supported us over the last 20 years by participating in the activities or at least by retweeting and posting our messages.
We would be pleased if ROADPOL could also count on your support in the future.

Visit our new website , contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. You will find all contact information on our website.

Soon it will also be possible to subscribe to the ROADPOL Newsletter, which will replace the old TISPOL Bulletin.

In future, the pan-European operation weeks will run under the name ROADPOL, the new calendar will be circulated shortly.

However, due to the current coronavirus situation, we have decided today to suspend the controls for the time being.

Actually we wanted to announce the official change from TISPOL to ROADPOL at our spring conference this week in Sevillia / Spain.
However, due to the current development situation regarding COVID-19, we have decided to cancel this conference. It would not have been compatible with our goal "Crossing Borders to safe lives" to ignore the hazard of spreading the virus further and endanger human lives as a result.

At this point we would like to thank all those who made the foundation of ROADPOL possible in the first place and who actively supported us.

We look forward to continuing to exchange information, good ideas and practices with all of you and let the network answer your questions on road safety issues.

Stay healthy!