The witness helped to eliminate the drunk driver from the traffic


Thanks to the witness's reaction, the policemen prevented the drunk Ford driver from driving. A 59-year-old man was driving a vehicle with nearly 1 %o of alcohol in his blood. The 59-year-old has already had two records of drunk driving in the past. Now the court will decide about his future.2020 10 14 drunkdriver

Traffic police officers, during their daily duty in the area of Grebow commune (poviat Tarnow), received information about a driver who may be under the influence of alcohol. The policemen were told the whole situation by a witness who drew attention to the strange way of driving a Ford on provincial road No. 871 Tarnobrzeg - Stalowa Wola. When Ford driver pulled off the road into the grocery store parking and went shopping, the witness followed him and notified the police. The officers identified the Ford driver and checked his sobriety. He had 0,82%o of alcohol. The Ford driver told the policemen that he had been drinking beer and wine while at the fishing ponds. He also admitted that he intended to drive home via dirt roads, but he ran out of cigarettes. Uniforms determined that the 59-year-old had a history of drunk driving in the past. Now, the decision about his future is in the court hands.
We remind you!
Driving a vehicle after drinking alcohol is punishable by restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to 2 years, and a ban on driving for a period of not less than 3 years and a large fine. 
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